Canadian Musician - May-June 2022 - Page 64

ddrum Vinnie Paul Trigger Tour Pack
Mojo Hand FX Swim Team
Trace Elliot TE-1200 Bass Amp Head


ddrum Vinnie Paul Trigger Tour Pack

ddrum has introduced the six-piece Vinnie Paul Trigger Tour Pack with cables . The pack features two kick triggers , three single-zone tom triggers , and one dual-zone snare trigger , and will allow drummers to replicate the drum sound of late Pantera , Hellyeah , and Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott .
The six triggers are based off of ddrum ’ s Chrome Elite Trigger Set , which features improved transducers for increased sensitivity and parameter adjustments . The dual-zone snare trigger translates the head and rim hits separately . In addition to an updated wiring harness , the pack includes five 15-ft . 6999 cables for the tom and kick triggers and one Y cable for the snare trigger . The pack also includes an extra kick drum trigger , and is rrecommended for drummers using double bass kits .
For more information , contact Intellimix Corp .: 514-457-6663 , salesinfo @ intellimix . com , www . intellimix . com .

Mojo Hand FX Swim Team

Mojo Hand FX has announced its latest offering , the Swim Team multi-chorus / flanger pedal .
The pedal features an original multi-chorus design , paired with a classic-inspired flanger sound in one package . The effects , described as “ swimmy ” sounding , are push-button selected , and many variations of each can be achieved with this modulation device .
The pedal features true bypass design , with rate and depth controls for the program selected , as well as mix and feedback controls , which control the mix for the chorus and serve as a feedback control in the flanger setting .
For more information , contact Search & Distro Music Equipment : 519-512-0216 , scott @ searchanddistro . com , www . searchanddistro . com .

Trace Elliot TE-1200 Bass Amp Head

Trace Elliot has released the TE-1200 bass amp head . Representing the brand ’ s first big product release of the new decade , the TE-1200 delivers 1,200W of true RMS power , four-band equalization , the brand ’ s distinctive “ Pre Shape 1 ” switch with included footswitch , and the inputs / outputs modern bass players require .
On the front panel are input gain and output level controls as well as lo-band and hi-band compressors . The audio signal is divided into two bands , each with a separate compressor and adjustable threshold . A separate switch activates the compressor functions for both low and high bands . The function , which illuminates when active , is also available on the footswitch . Directly below is the EQ pre / post compressor switch . Active controls on the TE-1200 adjust four separate equalization bands — bass , low mid , high mid , and treble — and the footswitchable pre-shape introduces the distinctive “ Pre Shape 1 ” curve into the signal path .
The rear panel includes MIDI in / out , four-button MIDI footswitch ( with included 25-ft . cable ) for parallel control of the front panel switch functions , USB recording output / interface , and direct out ( DI ) to a mix console or analog recording device .
For more information , contact Peavey Electronics : 601-483- 5365 , directsales @ peavey . com , www . peavey . com .