Canadian Musician - May-June 2022 - Page 54




PHOTO : WAL _ 172619 FROM PIXABAY model that I used on my Live in Tokyo album , which I would sell to the right collector .
I ’ ve always been fascinated by how different woods affect the classical guitar ’ s tone . And of course , even identical models sound and feel different from each other . I always test several before choosing one to purchase .
CM : Given the length of your career , do you find you are still learning new techniques these days , and if so , how do you approach this ?
Boyd : I ’ m always interested to see how classical guitar continues to evolve , especially with younger players who are constantly experimenting with new techniques , including percussion effects that can be very interesting .
CM : Do you have a usual practice regimen , and if so , what does it look like ?
Boyd : Mostly it ’ s practicing the new pieces I have written in order to get them as good as possible before we record them . I like to have things under my fingers so that I don ’ t have to think about technique when I ’ m recording .
Boyd : I was writing and recording extensively over the last three or four years ! I have two separate album projects . The first album is a Latin dance-influenced recording called L . O . V . E . Since this fall I have released three singles and videos , the first one , “ Popcorn Remix ,” filmed in Toronto and Palm Beach , was released in August , followed by the title track “ L . O . V . E .” in October , which featured my friend , Toronto singer Amanda Martinez . We have had a great response to both . The L . O . V . E . album songs are really about maintaining a sense of joy during this trying time . The latest single and video is called “ Ayudame Papa ,” which is Spanish for “ help me father .” It ’ s dedicated to my late father , John H . Boyd . All these videos can be viewed on YouTube on my Vevo channel . Several more are awaiting release dates .
The second project will come out later this year and is a mostly instrumental album called Once Upon A Time that I have been working on with my brilliant producer , Peter Bond . All the pieces on the album are based on beautiful romantic melodies . Some pieces are quite epic , while others are more intimate . After collaborating together for over 14 years , Peter and I both feel that this is our greatest album of the modern Liona Boyd era . I ’ m so excited to share it with the world ! Those who have heard it , including some well-known musicians and composers , such as Vangelis , whom Peter and I hold in high esteem , have been full of praise for the unique pieces and we find that tremendously gratifying .
CM : With any extra downtime you may have had during the pandemic , what did you find yourself working on ?