Canadian Musician - May-June 2022 - Page 52




Tube , the More pedal ; Truly Beautiful Disaster pedal by Effector 13 ; Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal ; Boomerang Looper ; Electro-Harmonix Stereo Looper into the [ Radial ] Twin City ABY box out to ; A ) a Fender ‘ 65 Reverb reissue and B ) usually to a Supro Chicago , a little early- ‘ 60s 8-in . speaker .
One other last little tricky thing is after the Holy Grail , before the loops , I will often insert an AB box , where A going to the loopers and B going to a little [ Danelectro ] Honeytone practice amp , which I ’ ll mic up onstage as a third amp . I also use it as a feedback generator .
For how it differs from live to studio , there are a couple of things . I keep all the pedals set up and just sort of unplug as need be . I don ’ t use any kind of brain system . There ’ s an amp I have that has been our sort of studio secret weapon , which is an old Gibson Super Medalist , a gigantic thing with two 12-in . speakers stacked vertically . It weighs as much as a small refrigerator so it rarely , if ever , leaves the studio , but I ’ ll use that for a lot of things from vocals to guitars . It ’ s just got a fantastic reverb . Other than that , the setup doesn ’ t change that much from live to studio .
CM : Which pedals do you lean on most heavily ?
Barr : The two Union pedals are always on and the More is always on . It ’ s how I get the Deluxe Reverb 12-in . speaker to sound like a more low-watt amplifier . I ’ ll jack that thing up usually to about 50 or 60 per cent of its output capacity and keep the amp usually on two or three and it just gives it the right breakup . Sometimes I have to put it after the AB box , because sending it to this little
Supro is too much for the Supro . So sometimes I ’ ll put that after in between the AB box and the Deluxe . But it ’ s kind of fun to pull it off the board , and so sometimes I ’ ll just forgo that and enjoy the Supro getting a bit blown out . The Beringer Ultra shifter – I love that thing . I discovered it about three years ago . They were like 50 bucks on Ebay for a while and then recently , were discontinued and now they ’ re going for two or three hundred . I bought up about half a dozen of those little green guys ; they ’ re super cool . It ’ s quirky . There ’ s no other pedal that does it . I ’ ll use it to shoot up an octave while I ’ m playing . It just does it in a really cool way . You step on it and you choose not to let go of the pedal and back down so it ’ s kind of controlled that way .
CM : How about guitars , do you have specific guitars you use most ?
Barr : I ’ ll just run through my main guitars . So , there ’ s a ‘ 66 Guild Starfire V , ‘ 51 Gibson J-45 , ‘ 64 Gibson SG Special , and the Oahu lap steel . I use the Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker for the J-45 and the Oahu ; that ’ s my go-to acoustic pickup . The Silvertone Amp-in-Case guitar is kind of my main studio guitar , although I do bring it live sometimes . And this is with The Barr Brothers by the way , because lately for the solo instrumental record , I ’ ve got a different gang . I feel like I ’ m missing one but that ’ s mostly it right there .
CM : I want to ask about the differences in your approach to playing and writing with the Barr Brothers versus the solo instrumental stuff , and versus collaborating with other