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CM : The way you ’ ve navigated your career to date has been impressive and interesting , from winning CBC Searchlight to launching a fashion brand and self-releasing your latest album . When it comes to managing your own career , are there key lessons you ’ d share with other emerging artists coming up behind you ?
Shopé : Try to be involved with everything , if you can . I have this expression I say , which is “ know enough to be dangerous .” Like , at this point , I won ’ t be the best manager ever because to be the best at something , you need to focus exclusively on that thing , or the best digital marketer , because digital marketers are digital marketers and that is what they do . Managers are managers and that ’ s what they do . Booking is booking and that ’ s what they do . However , as artists , we like to throw this word around , “ CEO ,” and it makes us feel good . But what does a CEO actually do ? A CEO has a level of knowledge about the different cogs in the wheel and how they fit together . So , you have to know a little bit about digital marketing , a little bit about what are the responsibilities of management , the responsibilities of a booking agent , and what are the responsibilities of tour management — all these different parts of the thing . You need to know enough about each to be dangerous , so that as your career grows and you begin to hire other people , you can audit them to a degree .
Knowledge is your best friend , right ? At no other point in history have we been this privileged with access to all of the knowledge you need to know about the different parts of the industry . You can even find contract templates on the internet . What that does is it puts you in the position to speak knowledgably when you begin to partner with other people . There is going to be a point in your career when you bootstrap a lot of things — you ’ re going to scrape for every dollar and make it stretch , and the hope is eventually that begins to yield a return . Once that starts happening , then the sharks will start coming , the duplicitous actors will start coming , and you won ’ t be able to tells who ’ s who if you don ’ t have an understanding of what is actually required to fill the position properly .
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CM : We ’ ve all seen the headlines with eye-popping amounts that are being paid for song catalogs in the last couple of years . If you ’ re talking about the most esteemed artists like a Bob Dylan , his recording and songwriting catalogs sold for a combined $ 500 to $ 600 million . As popular as those songs remain , how long will it take to simply recoup that kind of investment ?
Sean Peace : And not only that , we ’ re talking about – if they ’ re buying it at a 20-plus multiple – what the heck is the world going to be like in 20 years ? And that ’ s just for you to make your money back ! You ’ ve got to be doing something incredible to move that needle to even take it from 20 years to get your money back to now it ’ s only going to take 18 because you ’ ve done something great to the catalog . You ’ re talking about an artist who , frankly , could potentially be dead in a couple years and how many people are still going to be consuming those songs at that level ? It ’ s a big bet — and it ’ s a big bet with billions of dollars , which is crazy …
The interesting sidebar to this is , a hit song is a hit song . Like ,
I ’ ve done a million analyses of royalty streams and a Bob Dylan song that is a hit is going to trend pretty much like any other song that was a hit . Those catalogs aren ’ t potentially outperforming anybody else ; maybe potentially in sync and stuff like that . But again , if it ’ s a hit song , that hit song has just as much opportunity for sync and other things , depending on what royalty you stream , but once the song gets into flat-line , that ’ s trending just about like every other hit song . So , it amazes me that folks go , “ Oh , I need to buy the Bob Dylan catalog .” Well no , you just need to buy hit songs , and it doesn ’ t matter if it ’ s from one songwriter who has one hit . That song is just as valuable as a hit song from another songwriter who has 50 .
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