Canadian Musician - May/June 2021 - Page 74


Audio isolation company Audionamix has released its latest product : an on-demand web app for rightsholders . The new Professional Services web app can separate stems automatically in minutes . Audionamix ’ s AI technology is designed to make monetizing stems for sync , sampling , and remixing much simpler , eliminating the need to track down studio sessions . Audionamix says its engineers have designed the ideal solution for true immersive upmixing , removal of copyrighted songs for distribution , dubbing for market expansion , and modern revival of classics . Musicians can take previously mastered tracks , plug them into the web app , and then use the separated parts in new ways . www . audionamix . com .
Musician-focused website and direct-to-fan platform Bandzoogle has added several new options to its builtin EPK feature , including downloadable and printable versions , and four new EPK templates . With Bandzoogle ’ s expanded EPK options , artists can now choose from four preset EPK templates , which can be populated in minutes , including : General EPK , which provides a professional online resume ; EPK for Media , which is for pitching new music to blogs and other media for interviews and reviews ; Onesheet for Radio for promoting a single to radio , podcasts , and playlists ; and EPK for Venues , with a press kit designed to help book shows . All of these EPK templates include features easily filled in with a musician ’ s relevant content and media . From there , the EPKs can be exported as a downloadable file to email or print . www . bandzoogle . com / features / epk .
Orange Learn , the educational arm of Orange Amplification , has expanded its qualifications with the launch of online Vocal Performance Graded Exams . The Orange Learn Vocal Performance syllabus and graded exams , developed in partnership with Online Music Exams , focuses entirely on the performance of songs , offering an additional progression route to traditional practical music exams with a carefully curated , contemporary list of suggested songs . Plus , its flexibility allows exams to be taken anywhere , at any time , and as many times as needed . There are nine graded exams in total , debut through to grade eight . Grades one to eight are regulated qualifications and recognised by the RQF and EQF via the awarding body , The Learning Machine . Each exam requires a student to introduce and perform a selection of songs . Students receive feedback from a professional singer and a vocal examiner , as well as a certificate of qualification on passing . www . orangeamps . com / learn-vocal .
S ! NG , a developer of tools that allow creators to control distribution and monetize their work , has launched the first free mobile application designed to instantly mint NFTs to sell or licence online . NFTs , or non-fungible tokens , allow artists to create verifiably-unique originals of their work while protecting intellectual property . The app is free to download for iOS and can be used with no experience in blockchain or NFT technology . The S ! NG app is powered by the Ethereum blockchain , a technology that time stamps and verifies original ownership of a file , even after it ’ s been shared . www . singidea . com