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CEntrance DACport Pro USB DAC , Headphone Amp & Monitor Controller
Orange Acoustic Pedal

CEntrance DACport Pro USB DAC , Headphone Amp & Monitor Controller

CEntrance is now shipping DACport Pro , a portable D / A converter , headphone amplifier , and monitor controller that provides high-quality output from a connected PC or Mac computer .
Building on CEntrance ’ s previously-released DACport HD , which was designed for hi-fi enthusiasts , the DACport Pro adds balanced XLR output jacks , a large monitor volume control knob , and LED VU meters . It allows users to easily connect a laptop to a mixer or a sound system and offers consistent , high-quality playback . The company says this function was commonly requested by professional audio engineers who wanted a small , portable DAC they can carry from studio to studio with their laptop . It ’ s also useful for performing keyboard players and DJs who rely on a laptop to create their sound on stage .
It features a headphone output and balanced stereo outputs with options for line and mic level . The balanced outputs may be fixed or variable , with their level controlled with the level knob . This turns the product into a studio monitor controller . There is also an LED VU meter for checking program levels , a pair of LEDs indicating power and audio streaming status , and a USB-C connector for computer connectivity .
For more information , contact CEntrance : 833-2368726 , info @ centrance . com , www . centrance . com .

Orange Acoustic Pedal

Orange Amplification has launched the Acoustic Pedal , which is designed as a “ do-it-all ” compact preamp pedal .
The Acoustic Pedal offers a host of versatile features but maintains simple controls and setup . Its low-noise JFET circuit design ensures low levels of background noise , without hiss , whilst still maintaining a lot of headroom for a clean , clear acoustic tone . Its powerful , notch-controlled EQ allows players to subtly sculpt their sound and tackle feedback . The fixed Bass and Treble knobs provide control of the “ body ” and “ sparkle ” of an instrument , while the transparent , buffered FX Loop offers acoustic players an ideal signal chain for loopers , reverbs , and delays .
The pedal can be connected directly to a PA with its balanced XLR output and can be used simultaneously with the additional 1 / 4-in . mono jack .
For more information , contact Launch Music : 833- 215-3207 , info @ launchmusic . ca , www . launchmusic . ca .



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