Canadian Musician - May/June 2021 - Page 53

separated mixes and we can choose more vocals , more bass , more bass drum , whatever , and obviously the click . Then all three of us play with an Axe-FX and we synchronize all the patch changes with the time and the click . It ’ s very efficient and very easy . It took a long time to build the setup and be able to run it as we want , but it ’ s saved us a lot of time and a lot of space , also , because we don ’ t have any cabinets ; we go right through the PA . We only have one cube when we go on tour .
CM : When composing , how do you take your various techniques and work them into songs ?
Girard : That ’ s a lot of work for me , personally . It takes a lot of time , because I like to go into different styles and not just stay in metal — it ’ s my home , but I like many , many other styles of music and to me the right challenge is to be able to mix those different kinds of music , but in a way that it all makes sense . Sometimes you can write some riffs that are super good , but they don ’ t fit one into the other , so that ’ s where the challenge for me is , which is to really tell a story with the songs I write . So , to link everything can sometimes take a while , but in the end , I think it ’ s worth it to take the right time and be able to pause a little bit and listen back to what you did , and maybe something new will come out . I hear a lot of music in my head when I compose , and if the riff works and there ’ s nothing after , then I ’ m naturally going to sing something in my head after that that works for me , so you get the right feeling to make it go naturally .
CM : On Beyond Creation ’ s most recent tour , you played your newest album , 2019 ’ s Algorythm , in full . What was it like translating the album from the studio to the stage ?
Girard : One of my favourite shows was when The Faceless played Planetary Duality in its entirety back when it came out . I know some people like to see a show with different parts and different solos that defer from the album , but I really like it when musicians are able to do it exactly the same as the album , because you ’ re used to hearing those sounds and it creates something very special to us as listeners . I get blown away seeing bands do this , so it ’ s something I wanted to do myself . We recorded the album with a click , so when I was writing the album , I recorded everything with a click at first , so it was really efficient in the studio , but also when we did the live shows , all the clicks were already set . It ’ s been great ; personally , I really enjoyed playing the entire album . The album is a big theme with a huge storyline you go through .
CM : Is there a specific piece of gear you want to get next ?
Girard : I ’ ve seen the Quad Cortex from Neural DSP and heard a lot of good things about Neural DSP . All the sounds they have put out are amazing from what I hear , so I ’ m really looking forward to getting my hands on it and messing with it . Creating new sounds definitely helps creating new music , because you find different ambiences with their own feeling . I ’ m probably going to get this Quad Cortex eventually .


KW is the guitarist and vocalist for acclaimed Hamilton , ONbased band Vile Creature , who are known for infusing their queer identity and progressive activism into metal . Their latest album , Glory , Glory ! Apathy Took Helm !, is currently nominated for a 2021 Juno Award for Metal / Hard Music Album of the Year .
CM : Can you walk us through a breakdown of your usual live rig ?
KW : I ’ ve always used the same stuff . I have three different Sovtek Mig 100s – the 100H , the 100 , and the 100B – and they go through a really old Marshall 4x12 and an Atlas 6x12 and 2x15 , and I ’ ve basically used the same thing since we started . The guitar that I use , I designed it , and it ’ s named Stonewall and it was built by my friend Declan Ryan in Rochester , NY . He ’ s a luthier , so we designed it together and he built it over the course of like a year and a half . I got it in October of 2019 and I still haven ’ t been able to play shows . I used it to record our album and for our livestream show , but other than that , it ’ s just hung with me at home .
CM : You have a very distinct tone that I would call a signature tone . Was the tone something you were striving for or did you just end up coming across it somehow ?