Canadian Musician - May/June 2021 - Page 29



By Purna Bhattacharya

An Intro to Holistic Artist Development

Over the past 20 years , radical shifts in the music industry have caused many of today ’ s independent artists to feel more overwhelmed , confused , and frustrated . Independent artists need to learn how to create great music , build teams , release music professionally , understand licensing , implement clear brands , strategically market themselves , and more just to get started . With a lack of the in-depth music business knowledge required , building their careers with confidence has become a luxury for DIY artists .

Despite being entrepreneurs , most emerging artists don ’ t know what their concrete , measurable , and realistic long-term or short-term goals are . What they believe are goals are typically ideas . They often operate making assumptions of what a business plan is . For example , some artists have told me a release is uploading music on streaming platforms and announcing it on social media .
Welcome to the Falsehood Club At their wits ’ end , artists ’ energy and focus are in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons , carrying faulty perceptions of the music industry after they haven ’ t yet “ made it .” This is when the debilitating choice to stay stuck in frustration becomes a destructive habit .
Yes , choice . Everything we believe , think , feel , and do are choices .
As a holistic artist developer , artists tell me they feel lost after various courses and programs . Typically , they still don ’ t know thorough business concepts or structure , nor have the ability to build their careers in ways that respect the authentic Self for a greater sense of flow and confidence .
Fear of judgement , failure , or success , the desire to be seen and heard , feeling “ not enough ,” blaming external factors , and more , are rooted in emotional traumas and an unwillingness to adopt alternative perceptions . This keeps artists stuck in negative mindsets , uncomfortable with taking responsibility for where they are in their careers . Ignorance is not bliss .
Prepare to re-enter your happy bubble Artists can conversely choose to create a business plan that makes them feel good . It takes work , courage , and a strong mindset . The good news ? Any artist can do it . With simple steps and deep insights on artists ’ identities and how to build an aligned business plan , those who see me get the best of music business and life skills and necessary inner growth , all rolled into one .
First , making a business strategy with an experienced professional in the industry is non-negotiable . Entrepreneurs need regular guidance to thrive . Finding a trusted source and avoiding the gimmicks of how to earn “ x ” amount of income is equally important . Anyone who promises this is after the artists ’ money . With great music , a solid brand , and strong marketing strategies , it ’ s still up to the public how music will be perceived and responded to .
Second , identifying and reversing negative thought patterns and behaviors that keep artists stuck or unclear is essential . Coming from a trauma-informed practice , I see emotional wounds linger within creatives all the time . To reverse this , the brain needs to grow new neural pathways ( imagine a tree with branches coming out ) for healthier beliefs , thoughts , and feelings to approach their careers with more meaning , and themselves with compassion .
I help artists identify where they need structured guidance for business planning and the obstacles that are holding them back , all within the first or second session . From here , a combination of scientifically-proven neuro-holistic strategies that help re-wire the brain are recommended , and vary depending on the artist . ( Affirmations alone are scientifically proven to be ineffective ).
In addition to other exercises artists are guided through , they quickly and clearly identify their brands , marketing strategies , etc ., that are unique to their goals , needs , and true identities ( the record is 20 minutes !).
Goodbye Falsehood Club , Hello Ultimate Clarity Club In this process , artists identify their top five “ intrinsic core-fueled feelings .” These are their personal feelings they want to experience at all times . Underneath goal setting is emotion chasing . When concrete goals are set into place , artists are seeking the feeling they believe will result by achieving it , not the goals themselves .
While it takes time to identify and requires assistance , knowing the specific emotions craved informs every decision made . It makes saying “ yes ” or “ no ” to collaborations a breeze , knowing why they want a specific colour in their logo , identifying who they will approach for marketing , and more .
In order for intrinsic core-fueled feelings to be healthy and effective , artists need to first work through their limiting beliefs and wounds . Otherwise they will be seeking to fulfill unmet emotional needs from the outside world . It ’ s all connected ! ( In fact , I ’ ve witnessed artists leave music for less grueling routes to experience those emotions ).
The process to understand music business concepts and create a personalized strategy that is aligned with an artists ’ authentic Self , in a way that feels good and promotes confidence , starts with a decision . An artist who gets support from an experienced music industry professional and simultaneously from a neuro-holistic approach , is telling their brain they are worthy of empowerment , and they believe they can overcome their frustrations by finding more ease and balance in their music careers and lives .
Purna Bhattacharya is a differently-abled Indo-Canadian producer , mix engineer , singer-songwriter , holistic artist developer , and proactive inclusion advocate based in Montreal . As a holistic artist developer , she simplifies understanding and implementing essential music business concepts and strategies in a way that is uniquely aligned with the artist ’ s authentic Self or personal identity . www . purnamusic . com