Canadian Musician - May/June 2021 - Page 15

Ontario Provides $ 2.5M to Help Struggling Musicians & Music Workers
The Government of Ontario is providing a one-time $ 2-million grant to the Unison Fund ’ s Financial Assistance Program , which will provide immediate support to individual musicians and industry workers , many of whom have lost their sources of income during the COVID-19 pandemic . As well , the provincial government is providing a one-time grant of $ 500,000 to the Canadian Live Music Association ( CLMA ) and Music Canada to support local communities who wish to develop and implement music city strategies in a post-COVID-19 economy .
The Unison Benevolent Fund ’ s Financial Assistance Program provides direct emergency financial assistance to professional musicians and members of the industry to cover necessary costs .
Regarding the $ 500,000 to the CLMA and Music Canada to support local communities in developing and implementing music city strategies , a music city is a community of any size with a vibrant music economy , where municipal governments , music stakeholders , and community members work together to help artists and music businesses reach their full potential . This cooperation offers a range of benefits , including economic growth , job creation , tax revenue , and cultural development .
Music Canada ’ s music cities ’ framework will provide a model to help support communities across Ontario better leverage their own local live music assets . Designed with research that identifies key strategies large and small cities have used to grow their music economies , plans will be implemented to guide the development of local policy and bylaws , and community support that focuses on artists , venues and festivals , the wider supply chain , and tourism .
For those who are eligible and looking to Unison for financial assistance , information on how to access the $ 2 million in new funds is shared through the Unison Fund website and social channels .
For further questions regarding the application process or eligibility , email assistance @ unisonfund . ca or go to www . unisonfund . ca .