Canadian Musician - May/June 2021 | Page 59


Maracatu Meets Technique , Part 2 : Adding Independence

By Stephane Chamberland ; inspired by Eduardo Guedes
EX . 1

In the last issue we talked about upstrokes and downstrokes , formal and informal techniques , and learned some Brazilian Maracatu rhythms on the snare drum . Let ’ s continue with one more variation on the snare and bring those variations over to the drum set .

This time we will interpret the accents on 2 , 3 , and 4 as pullouts and the accent on 1 as a control stroke alternating hands . See Ex . 1 .
EX . 2
It ’ s time ! Let ’ s apply it to the drum set in playing the entire Maracatu percussion parts . I encourage you to try this exercise by practicing the left hand first , then the right hand , and then put both hands together before adding the feet . The Agogô part , adapted between hihat and snare and another cool Maracatu bell pattern , will look like Ex . 2 and 3 .
These are challenging grooves due to the advanced level of independence required . I recommend the books , Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin and The New Breed by Gary Chester if you would like to build more independence in preparation for , or in addition to , these grooves .
This is just a stepping-off point . There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to using pullouts , control strokes , and the Moeller technique in the context of Brazilian rhythms .
For further information on these subjects and the style discussed in this article , I suggest the following books :
• Accents and Rebounds by George Lawrence Stone
• Master Studies I & II by Joe Morello
• It ’ s Your Move by Dom Famularo
• Brazil for Drum Set – Vol . 1 ( North East ) by Eduardo Guedes
• Brazilian Rhythms for Drum Set by Duduka da Fonseca
• Future Sounds 2.0 by David Garibaldi
• Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin
• The New Breed by Gary Chester
EX . 3
Stephane Chamberland is an internationallyrecognized drummer and educator . He proudly endorses Yamaha drums , Sabian cymbals , Vic Firth sticks , Remo drumheads , Shure Microphones and Prologix Percussion . He is the co-author of the books The Weaker Side , Pedal Control , and Drumset Duets . For more info , email Stephane at global2steph @ icloud . com or visit www . stephanechamberland . com .