Canadian Musician - May/June 2021 | Page 12


Music Canada On March 29 th , 2021 , Music Canada filed its submission in the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission ’ s ( CRTC ’ s ) Commercial Radio Policy Framework Review . Music Canada ’ s submission calls for an update to commercial radio broadcasting content rules to , it says , “ better reflect how Canadian music is made today , to nurture developing Canadian artists , and to ensure that our airwaves truly reflect the full diversity of Canadian voices .”
Music Canada submits that the MAPL formula ( which determines what is considered Canadian content ) should be modernized to better reflect how music is made by Canadian artists and songwriters in 2021 , and to acknowledge the important contributions that Canadian engineers , producers , and recording studios have in the success of the Canadian music industry . Music Canada also says that the Canadian content rules should actively create opportunities for the next generation of Canadian talent to be discovered and supported . To this end , the organization recommends that a certain percentage of music played on commercial radio be from new and emerging Canadian talent . Under the current CanCon requirements for radio , which have been in place since the 1970s , radio stations must play between 35 % to 40 % Canadian content , with no differentiation between new and old music or established versus emerging artists .
Additionally , Music Canada ’ s CRTC submissions says that Canadian airwaves should reflect the diversity and range of cultures that make up the country . Indigenous voices and voices from racialized and ethno-cultural groups should be heard on commercial radio , and Music Canada recommends that a certain percentage of music played be by Canadian artists representing sovereigntyaffirming and equity-deserving groups .
In its submission , Music Canada says its proposals have the support of the Canadian Independent Music Association ( CIMA ), the Songwriters Association of Canada , AD- VANCE , the Indigenous Music Alliance , Music Publishers Canada , the Music Managers Forum , and the Canadian Council of Music Industry Associations .
For more information , contact Music Canada : 416-967-7272 , www . musiccanada . com .
Canadian Country Music Association The 2021 CCMA Awards and Country Music Week , which was previously scheduled for Sept . 9-12 in London , ON , will now take place Nov . 27-30 , 2021 .
“ In what is poised to be one of the first major events hosted by our city on the road to recovery , moving the dates allows us to host a safer , more inclusive event ,” says Natalie Wakabayashi , director of culture and entertainment tourism for Tourism London . “ The host organizing committee is working hard with the CCMA team to plan a number of exciting events for our community leading up to and including Country Music Week and the awards show .”
The CCMA plans to kickoff Country Music Week on Saturday , Nov . 27 th . The CCMA Fan Village , CCMA Songwriters ’ Series , CCMA Legends Show , CCMA Gala Dinner & Awards , as well as CCMA Seminar Series will all be a part of the Country Music Week schedule . The week will culminate with the CCMA Awards on Tuesday , Nov . 30 th at Budweiser Gardens .
A full schedule of events , including ticketing information , will be shared in the coming months . For more information as it ’ s available , go to www . ccma . org .
Canadian Live Music Association The Canadian Live Music Association has partnered with NVision Insight Group to offer the Indigenous cultural awareness certificate program at a discounted rate to the live music industry . This program is available on-demand and can be completed at the participant ’ s own pace . The full course takes approximately four to five hours to complete with a certificate provided upon successful completion .
The program consists of five online modules that focus on the First Nations , Inuit , and Métis peoples of Canada , the history of Indigenous peoples , and their relationship with European settlers , the British Crown , and the Dominion of Canada . The modules will demystify some of the legal issues regarding the Indian Act , historical and modern treaties , recent rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada , and what they
mean in practical terms . Finally , this course will provide some context to better understand the importance of cultural traditions and values of Indigenous peoples and ways to strengthen relationships with Indigenous peoples .
For more information , email nauger @ canadianlivemusic . ca or go to www . canadianlivemusic . ca .
FACTOR FACTOR is now accepting applications for funding through the new Support to Live Music Events program . In the Fall Economic Statement , the Minister of Finance announced additional funding to support the planning and presentation of events and shows in response to COVID-19 . From this , $ 15 million is allocated to the Department of Canadian Heritage ( PCH ) via the Canada Music Fund ( CMF ). FACTOR and Musicaction will administer these funds through a new program , Support to Live Music Events . The purpose of the program is to stimulate the employment of Canadian artists and cultural workers , including technicians and other service providers and supporting workers , by providing financial support for live music events featuring Canadian artists that can be presented before an in-person audience and / or through digital dissemination .
The funding will mitigate the significant financial risks associated with presenting live music events in the current uncertain climate . Events supported through the Canada Music Fund ( CMF ) are expected to generate earning opportunities for artists and cultural workers in the live music sector . Priority will be given to equity-seeking populations and Indigenous-led organizations as well as applicants that do not traditionally receive CMF funding but were eligible for the 2020 Emergency Support