Canadian Musician - March/April 2023 | Page 74


IsoAcoustics has launched the IsoAcoustics mobile app , now available free of charge through the App Store and Play Store . The IsoAcoustics app features a Product Selector that makes it easy for users to identify the IsoAcoustics isolation products and adapters best suited for their beloved speakers , amps , subwoofers and more . Users can also learn about the features and benefits of IsoAcoustics patented isolation technology and stay connected with the latest news and developments from IsoAcoustics , including new product launches , giveaways , and upcoming shows . isoacoustics . com .
MelodyStudio is tool that focuses on melodies and is capable of generating vocal melodies and chords , with an emphasis on the human musician being in control of what is generated , and whether they want to use it or not . It is designed for producers and singers ready to write their own songs , songwriters who want to explore new creative possibilities or speed up their process , and anyone who wishes to begin writing songs . With MelodyStudio , users can type their lyrics and add chords , if they wish , and MelodyStudio will give them original melody ideas for how to sing them , line by line . Users can also combine the melodies and edit them make them their own . melodystudio . net .
Audiomovers has introduced Web Transmitter , the latest extension to the Audiomovers LISTENTO software suite , which allows users to stream , listen to and record high-resolution multichannel audio remotely and in real time . Web Transmitter is a simplified , web-based version of the LISTENTO app , which launches straight from a browser and is ideal for songwriters working on new songs , record label A & R staff and managers looking to share unreleased tracks , beatmakers sharing ideas with collaborators , or mix and mastering engineers who need client feedback and educators conducting classes remotely . audiomovers . com .
ChatGPT is an AI tool with applications suited to musicians . The program is designed to interact with users in a conversational manner . ChatGPT can answer queries and then expand with follow-up answers . Its models were designed around and trained on internet data written by humans . It can save musicians time , effort , and energy when it comes to marketing . Musicians can use ChatGPT to start conversations with fans , as well as for promoting new music , shows , or playlists and tie the marketing in with their social media platforms and websites . openai . com / blog / chatgpt .