Canadian Musician - March/April 2023 | Page 59

Folding Bass . It ’ s very special because the neck folds off with hinges into the body of the bass , so that everything is closed up in one go , and you put inside of this really compact , beautiful case . It ’ s light , it ’ s effective , and unfortunately , they stopped producing them in 2020 . It ’ s a beautiful piece of equipment . Right now , I ’ m looking to replace my pedal setup . I love using distortion and wah effects with both my electric bass and upright bass , but unfortunately for my upright bass , that causes a lot of feedback problems . So , I ’ m trying to find something that has a better setup to handle high levels of intensity and a giant , open-bodied instrument . And I ’ m also experimenting with new wireless setups as well .
SYPEREK : If I was going to pick something it would be a really good semi-acoustic bass . They ’ re hard to find . But actually , there ’ s a guy who builds guitars who said he ’ s making me an acoustic bass , which I look forward to .
BROWN : I just got sent this crazy little instrument called a Miezo , made by Maurizio Über Basses , which is a company in Malaysia . Imagine a bass that starts at the 12th fret , but it ’ s a six-string instrument . And I ’ m just trying to figure out how to play it because I can ’ t really approach it the same way . But when I plug it in , it sounds so beautiful . I don ’ t know if you ’ ve ever heard those recordings of Pat Metheny playing his baritone guitar , but the tone is similar to that . So that ’ s my next instrument . I ’ m really trying to figure out exactly how to get around this thing and be as proficient on this as I am on the bass .
LETELLIER : I want to get a vintage [ Fender ] P Bass . I think it ’ s something every bass player should have . And as an ode to my idols , I need a vintage Fender Jazz or P Bass . I ’ ve always got an eye out for gear , amplifiers , vintage stuff ; I ’ m always on the lookout .
Manus Hopkins is the Assistant Editor for Canadian Musician . He can be reached at mhopkins @ nwcworld . com .