Canadian Musician - March-April 2022 - Page 68

SoundSwitch Control One DJ Lighting Controller & DMX Interface
Deering Kruger Signature Banjo String Set
PRS SE Silver Sky Guitar


SoundSwitch Control One DJ Lighting Controller & DMX Interface

SoundSwitch has introduced the Control One , a professional lighting controller and dual-universe DMX interface for DJs . The company says the Control One ' s form factor , comprehensive feature set , and extensive connectivity with DJ and DAW applications make it the first lighting controller designed for DJs and performers .
Compatibility with professional DJ platforms from Engine DJ , Serato DJ , and Virtual DJ makes it easy to integrate the Control One into existing DJ setups . Additionally , musicians and performers can automate synchronized light shows and add live lighting effects using Ableton Link or by manually tapping in the BPM on the Control One .
SoundSwitch software delivers light shows with one click . Users choose from dozens of light show presets based on genre or mood , and customize the result to their liking . When it ' s time to perform , the Control One offers customizable RGB performance pads , parameter knobs , and a touch strip to alter the ambience . The Control One provides tactile control over all SoundSwitch performance features . Users trigger colour and position overrides , cycle between banks of automated light shows ( Autoloops ), set an ambiance with a subtle Static Look , and engage the strobe to add an energized visual effect .
For more information , contact inMusic Canada : 450-619-7710 , ordercanada @ inmusicbrands . com , www . inmusicbrands . com .

Deering Kruger Signature Banjo String Set

Deering Banjos has released the Jens Kruger Signature String Set , which is made up of the same gauges that he has been using for almost 40 years . The Swiss-born Kruger is an inductee into the American Banjo Hall of Fame and the Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame , and is a recipient of the Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass Music .
Kruger worked with GHS Strings ( Deering ’ s sole string supplier ) to develop the set that is key to his signature sound and playing style . The string gauges are : 11 , 12 , 13 , 22w , and 11 . Kruger says he ’ s been using the same gauges on his banjos for over 40 years and uses these specific gauges for their stability and tone . Kruger also says he opted for a nickelwound fourth string over steel-wound because it doesn ’ t deaden as quickly and because he prefers the way it vibrates and shines .
For more information , contact Deering Banjos : 619-464-8252 , info @ deeringbanjos . com , www . deeringbanjos . com .

PRS SE Silver Sky Guitar

PRS Guitars has partnered with John Mayer on the SE Silver Sky .
The SE Silver Sky is a familiar iteration of Mayer ’ s signature model , which was first introduced in 2018 . The SE model starts with a poplar body , bolt-on maple neck , and rosewood fretboard with PRS trademark bird inlays . The 22-fret , 25.5-in . scale length neck features the original 635JM carve and an 8.5-in . fretboard radius . The SE Silver Sky comes in four finishes : Dragon Fruit , Ever Green , Moon White , and Stone Blue .
At the heart of the instrument are the three single-coil pickups , which were designed to capture the voicing of the original Silver Sky . The 635JM “ S ” pickups capture the same round , full tone with musical highend that is not too harsh and adds a bit of a bite . This guitar is anchored by a two-point steel tremolo , synthetic bone nut , and vintage-style tuners . Other design features include the PRS Silver Sky inverted headstock shape and the PRS double-acting truss rod ( accessible from the front of the headstock ).
For more information , contact PRS Guitars : 418-558-8011 , clangevin @ prsguitars . com , www . prsguitars . com .