Canadian Musician - March-April 2022 - Page 64

Black Lion Auteur mkIII Mic Preamp
Vidami Blue Wireless Video Control Pedal
Gibson B . B . King Lucille Legacy Guitar


Black Lion Auteur mkIII Mic Preamp

Black Lion Audio has introduced the Auteur mkIII two-channel transformer-coupled mic preamp .
The Auteur mkIII starts with a modern front end designed to be fast and transparent , following this up with a vintage-inspired output stage design coupled with Cinemag transformers that allow for a big , colourful sound . This two-pronged approach results in a preamp that the company describes as a “ jack-of-all-trades .” Each of those two channels comes complete with rear panel-positioned Mic In connections on XLR jacks and balanced TRS line Output connections . Clearly labelled Line level ( TRS Engage ) inputs for adding warmth to keyboards , synths , and even full stereo mixes are on the front panel , while an associated Hi-Z switch makes for a stellar instrument input for direct capture of guitar and bass . Both channels also feature front panel-positioned Gain controls ( with up to 62dB of gain ), plus buttons for engaging PAD ( -10dB ), 48V ( phantom power ), and ø ( polarity reverse ). Removable rack ears are also included as the Auteur mkIII can be conveniently racked in a half-unit space .
For more information , contact Erikson Audio : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonaudio . com , www . eriksonaudio . com .

Vidami Blue Wireless Video Control Pedal

Vidami has introduced the Vidami Blue , a wireless multi-modal video control pedal that now connects via Bluetooth to computers and iOS mobile devices to make video learning easier and faster .
With its time-saving , easy-to-use five-switch functionality , and patented looping feature , the Vidami Blue gives musicians wireless , hands-free control of dozens of popular educational video platforms . With Vidami Blue , players can experience the freedom to learn and create at home or on-the-go with their mobile device .
The next-generation Vidami Blue features the same Video Mode functionality as the original Vidami , with its ability to loop , slow down , and control playback of videos . The Bluetooth-enabled pedal gives players the ability to use Video Mode with their iPhone or iPad on Safari iOS 15 and Vidami ’ s iOS Safari extension . It also runs via Bluetooth on Mac and PC desktop computers with Vidami ’ s Chrome and Safari browser extensions .
Additionally , Vidami Blue features two new modes , DAW ( digital audio workstation ) Mode and Page Turning / TAB Mode . In DAW Mode , players can record , loop , add tracks , and set markers on popular DAWs . Page Turning / TAB Mode enables players to easily turn pages , scroll tabs / lyrics , and use other functions on their preferred digital sheet music apps and tab sites .
For more information , contact Hal Leonard : 414-774-3630 , sales @ halleonard . com , www . halleonard . com .

Gibson B . B . King Lucille Legacy Guitar

Gibson Custom Shop has introduced the B . B . King Lucille Legacy guitar , which is based on the blues legend ’ s personal and most well-known guitar .
The Gibson B . B . King Lucille Legacy features several standout appointments including gold hardware with a gold “ B . B . King ” engraved truss rod cover , and a TP-6 tailpiece with fine tuners . A “ Lucille ” mother of pearl inlay adorns the headstock , and the ebony fretboard features split block mother of pearl inlays . A mono Varitone switch , along with four audio taper CTS potentiometers and paper-in-oil Bumblebee capacitors , are paired to Gibson Custombucker humbucking pickups . The hollowbody design remains , but the f-holes are gone , in keeping with B . B . King ’ s personal preferences . The top , back , and sides of the body of the guitar feature figured maple veneer , which is visible through the transparent ebony finish .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .