Canadian Musician - March-April 2022 - Page 17

New Canadian Manufacturer Jamstack Launch New Funding to Accelerate Expansion
Toronto-based company Jamstack , which says it created the first-ever attachable guitar amplifier , is using an “ equity crowdfunding ” approach that gives any Canadian an ownership stake in the young company .
Founder and CEO Chris Prendergast created the prototype of the Jamstack , which is a small-sized amp that attaches to the body of the guitar . The idea proved popular and Prendergast ( who had been working as a high school coding teacher ) ended up on hit TV show Dragon ’ s Den , getting the Jamstack 1 to market , and generating over $ 2 million in sales .
“ Our mission at Jamstack is to make playing , creating , and consuming music enticing , accessible , and social . With new technology available to make these products more compelling than ever before , people are ready for an amp company that disrupts the norm , and challenges tradition ,” says Prendergast .
Jamstack is launching a second-generation product , the Jamstack 2 , a true modelling amp with a Bluetooth speaker that features both a wireless transmitter and receiver to beam a signal into or out of an amplifier . To help bring it to market , Jamstack Inc . is running an equity crowdfunding campaign on FrontFundr , which allows any Canadian to become a shareholder in Jamstack Inc . with a minimum investment of $ 500 .
For more information , go to www . frontfundr . com / jamstack .