Canadian Musician - January/February 2023 | Page 74


RØDE has announced the launch of its streaming and gaming division , RØDE X , with the introduction of three new products , including UNIFY . UNIFY consolidates functionality that would otherwise require multiple applications into one solution . This includes routing and mixing up to four USB microphones or other audio devices and up to six virtual audio sources ( including game , chat , music and browser applications ) in a simple interface ; creating independent sub-mixes for different outputs , including their livestream , headphones and chat ; adding studio-grade audio processing to microphone channels ; triggering on-the-fly voice and sound effects ; multitrack recording , and more . The software comes free with all RØDE X products or is available for purchase as a monthly or yearly subscription for use with any other USB audio product . www . adipro . ca
Muso . AI has announced the arrival of ENCORE 2022 , a new credit-focused experience built for behind-the-scenes music professionals to see and showcase their lifetime career achievements across 11 digital platforms . ENCORE brings together data from Spotify , TikTok , YouTube , SoundCloud , Apple Music , and more , highlighting each user ’ s lifetime top tracks and collaborations , total streams and Shazams , socials , and chart and playlist activity . While ENCORE is exclusive to Pro members , new users can gain free access with a seven-day trial offer . Each ENCORE story includes a highlight reel and summary image for download and the option to purchase a commemorative framed poster to hang in a home , studio , or office . If any credits are wrong , missing , or misidentified , Muso . AI ENCORE users can make verifiable updates to their body of work before sharing their story or ordering their poster . encore . muso . ai
Tuney is a digital music tool made for creators . Tuney combines sounds from world-class musicians to create soundtracks that can be edited and customized to any creative project .
Instead of searching through music libraries for pre-existing tracks that fit , Tuney lets users generate the right soundtrack based on their needs . Tuney differs fom other royalty-free music sites in that their music is adaptive , meaning the engine can “ score ” a video , adapting music to fit the length , format , and even narrative arc of specific content after analyzing the video .
Users can also change the music to better fit their creative vision without being a producer or knowing how to edit music . Their tools let content creators change the track length , intro length , beat drop , and even instrumentation with the click of a button . www . tuney . io
Nembrini Audio has launched their free Wah Pedal plugin for guitarists and bassists . The Wah Pedal plugin can be used to tweak existing , pre-recorded instrument parts to make the overall tones more exciting and expressive . This plugin can also be used by musicians who play bass , brass , keys , and many other instruments . The Nembrini Audio Wah is modelled on the classic Wah pedal created by the Thomas Organ * Company , released in 1966 and manufactured by JEN Italy . The talking sound it produces can be heard on Hendrix tracks like ‘ Up From The Sky ’, ‘ Voodoo Child ( Slight Return )’, ‘ Little Miss Lover ,’ and ‘ Still Raining , Still Dreaming ’. The vintage tones produced by the Nembrini Audio Wah plugin can be controlled with DAW automation or MIDI pedal control . It is available as a free DAW plugin or in the iOS version for iPhone and iPad . www . nembriniaudio . com