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are all coordinating to make the show happen . But , it was honestly a blessing to learn that so early in my career because , since then , I ’ ve done a bunch of awards shows and different things that all work in a similar manner and it ’ s like clockwork to me at this point because I ’ ve been doing this with the Raptors for so long .
CM : Is everything coming out of the PA in the arena during the game done by you ?
Toronto Raptors Official DJ


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CM : When you got the gig as the Raptors ’ in-arena DJ , the Miami Heat were the only other NBA team with an official DJ performing during games . So , there wasn ’ t much of a blueprint for the job and it ’ s a very different thing than being a club DJ …
4KORNERS : It ’ s extremely different . It was the first thing I ’ d ever done of that calibre and of that description where it ’ s more of a production than it is a party . So , there ’ s scripting involved and a lot of internal communication . In my ear during the game , there ’ s somebody talking about what ’ s next with X amount of people who
4KORNERS : Not everything , but I have my hands in everything . There ’ s a lot of things that I preproduce that is played from the sound booth for the dancers and a lot of things that I produce for the videos , such as intro videos they play right before the fireworks when the Raptors are being introduced . I do a lot of that type of stuff , but not all of it is done live because it ’ s just not possible .
But , essentially the entire musical atmosphere is in my hands to curate the vibes in the room . I work with a fantastic team who we all come up with ideas and put it all together so we put on a great show for people are there and , whether they love basketball or not , they ’ re going to have a great time .
CM : How much are you changing the music from game to game ?
4KORNERS : There are some staples that are just part of our culture that we ’ ve integrated . For example , there ’ s a song by Jeezy called “ Put On ” that we play coming into the fourth quarter every time because it has a “ we ’ re here and putting on for my city ” type of energy . There are a few others , but other than that , I really freestyle it based on what ’ s popular at the time , what I ’ m feeling at the time , what I feel like the moment requires , and a whole of my own music in there ! I mean , the moment always requires my music – c ’ mon ! [ laughs ]
Raphaëlle Chouinard & Sarah Dion of


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CM : You ’ re often referred to as a punk band , but the new LP , More is More , to me , sounds like it has more of an alternative rock sound . What do you guys see as the sonic evolution between this album and 2021 ’ s Forever Is Now ?
Sarah Dion : Even in the beginning when we were maybe closer to punk music , when people were saying we ’ re a punk band , we thought , we ’ re not that punk , you know ? When you know punk music , you also know what is not punk .
Raphaëlle Chouinard : It can be an attitude . I think we ’ re punk in our attitude and energy and delivery on stage . But no , the music is definitely more alternative and pop . But on the new album , we have slower songs , kind of grunge-y tempos . But the thing is , we don ’ t sit in the studio and be like , “ Okay , we ’ re going to write a rock song ” or something . I don ’ t want to label myself as anything because it gives you the freedom , after every album , to renew your sound . You also get the freedom to grow in between as humans . I mean , it ’ s normal
to evolve and grow and then you have something different to say because you lived through something else . So , your music reflects your evolution . I think if you ’ re trying to remain in the same genre all the time , or you label yourself with something , it ’ s not going to serve you in the long term . I am a huge fan of bands that are free and where every new album is a new vibe .
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