Canadian Music Trade - October-November 2022 Canadian Music Trade - October-November 2022 | Page 78

Endorser Update

Sef Lemelin , guitarist of Your Favorite Enemies and multiinstrumentalist with Alex Henry Foster & the Long Shadows , has levelled up his pedalboard with three new pedals from Orange Amplification — the Orange Distortion , Orange Phaser , and Orange Sustain Pedals .
“ I am also just back from a summer Euro and U . K . tour , where I have been invited to join Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows as support , which allowed me to live and share crazy sonic adventures with the people ,” says Lemelin . “ We all owe a massive thanks to Orange Amps for the great support , not only for this tour but ever since the beginning of the band . Without them , our sound wouldn ’ t be the same .”
Musician PV Nova has been relying on his new Maestro pedals for several projects . From an influential online career popularizing music writing and editing to creating Internet Orchestra , the largest webcasting performance of 500 musicians , along with being a member of the band for the French musical “ Les Franglaises ,” Nova is constantly surrounded by music . When
LES FRANGLAISES presented with the Maestro Original Collection , he loved the impact they had on his workflow .
“ I am so pleased with the pedals ,” he explains . “ Having true analog effects makes a huge difference when recording .” Most recently , Nova did a live test of all five new pedals on his Twitch show , where he explained how Maestro will now be integrated among his primary gear on tour .
Drummer , multi-instrumentalist , producer , and composer Joshua Duron is actively involved in a myriad of projects . Over the years , he has shared the stage with several music industry legends , including James Brown , Ry Cooder , and Zack De La Rocha , to name a few . These days , his work involves everything from live performance to music composition to sound design — and at the centre of most everything he does is the Model 12 Integrated Production Suite from TASCAM .
“ I ’ ve been using the Model 12 since the start of the COVID pandemic ,” says Duron . “ When live music essentially dried up , it became urgently apparent that I needed to stay vital as an artist . This resulted in me shifting my focus to music composition and sound design , and the Model 12 has been at the center of most everything I do .”
For his tour this year with shows in Germany , France , Austria , Spain , and the Netherlands , Little Caesar bassist Pharoah Barrett chose the ASI Audio x Sensaphonics 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System . Barrett joined Little Caesar frontman Ron Young and drummer Tom Morris , who together have standardized the band ’ s personal monitors with the ASI Audio system .
Ron Young has been traveling with his own wireless in-ear system since the earliest components first became commercially available . He began his relationship with ASI Audio ’ s parent company , Sensaphonics , over 10 years ago .
“ They were the only manufacturer that was doing soft silicone molded earbuds ,” Young says . “ I found that the isolation and the seal , combined with their armatures and drivers , gave me the best product . I learned very quickly , especially when you play in a hard rock band , that earbuds serve two functions . Besides monitoring , they also provide ear protection by isolation .”