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Product News

Fluid Image 2 Studio Monitor Fluid Audio has released the Image 2 studio monitor for near-field and midfield use . Using the latest in DSP development and Class-D amplification , the Image 2 delivers improved imaging , frequency response , output , low distortion , and depth of field .
The Image 2 is a two-in-one monitor ; a full range mixing and mastering system that also offers a Mixcube mode . Mixcube mode helps dial in low-end and mids for a wide range of “ bass challenged ” devices . It also helps adjust the overall balance , depth , vocals , and kick drum . The USB port add further functionality ty to the Image 2 ’ s sonic features extending the ability to accurately process source material via onboard room correction in the future . In addition , the newlydeveloped AMT tweeter delivers precise transient response and high details free of distortion , the company says .
Fluid ’ s in-house custom aluminium cone mid-range driver utilize shorting rings , substantially reducing the harmonic and intermodulation distortion associ-sociated with voice coil displacement . It also reduces the modulation of magnetic flux during the movement of the voice coil to make the variation of system inductances more linear as input current varies .
For more information , go to www . fluidaudio . com .
Caveman Audio AP1 Compact Acoustic Preamp Caveman Audio has introduced the AP1 Compact , an acoustic preamp that gives acoustic guitar players the same tone as its AP1 Acoustic preamp , but with a significantly smaller footprint . Since the goal is improving the core guitar tone , its purpose is not to act as an effects pedal , but rather to serve as an always-on component in the signal chain .
Understanding that the sheer preamp design is not the only component capable of enhancing the fundamental sound of an acoustic guitar audio signal , Caveman Audio also focused attention on suppressing noise and avoid impedance mismatch in the electronic design that surrounds the preamp circuit , which includes transformer-balanced DI output and unique RFI protection – all of it housed in a road-ready , zinc-plated steel enclosure .
For more information , contact Caveman Audio : info @ caveman-audio . com , www . caveman-audio . com .
ADDAC System Introdues Two New Eurorack Modules ADDAC System has introduced two new Eurorack modules : the ADDAC710 Balanced Outputs and the ADDAC711 Balanced Inputs . The new modules are designed to keep modular systems free of undesired , noisy audio interference by providing shielding and electrical isolation from external sources . Both modules are also available as DIY kits . The ADDAC710 circuit is designed around an impedance matching transformer , operating in the 20 Hz to 20 KHz range , and provides two fully balanced outputs ( via XLR connectors ). This module serves as a low-cost alternative to the ADDAC800X High-End Outputs module , which ADDAC System has redesigned using a smaller low-cost transformer that also reduces its depth , making it work with more shallow Eurorack cases . Similar to the ADDAC710 at the output stage , the ADDAC711 also uses an impedance matching transformer that operates in the 20 Hz to 20 KHz range , while providing two fully balanced outputs ( via XLR connectors ).
For more information , go to www . addacsystem . com .