Canadian Music Trade - February / March 2020 | Page 19

TRADE REGRETS: STEVE’S MUSIC’S SHELDON SAZANT L ike everyone who knew him across the Canadian MI industry and beyond, Canadian Music Trade was shocked and saddened to learn that Sheldon Sazant, the long-time general manager of Steve’s Music’s flagship Montreal location, passed away on Jan. 23, 2020, as a result of kidney cancer. He was 58. Sheldon began his career at Steve’s Music in Montreal as a part-time employ- ee in 1978 and essentially grew up in the store. “I started one summer in 1978 for Mr. Steve Kirman, working in the ware- house moving boxes, going crazy,” Sheldon recalled in 2015 as part of NAMM’s Oral History Program. “I was going to school at that time. I finished school three years lat- er with a Bachelor of Science in microbi- ology, and this is what I chose to do with it because Steve said, ‘What are you doing with your life?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know?’ So, he said, ‘Would you like to become a manager for me on the floor?’ and the rest is history.” Unique among life-long MI profes- sionals in not being a musician himself, though no less passionate about music, Sheldon was beloved by co-workers, sup- pliers, and customers throughout his long career in the industry for his kind nature and good sense of humour. He leaves behind his loving family, wife Della and children Samantha and Joshua. Sheldon was also the proud uncle of Jordan, Sevia, and Kelsey. Michael Kirman, the VP of Steve’s Music and the son of the company’s late founder, Steve Kirman, shared the following heart- felt thoughts with CMT on his life-long friend and mentor: “In short, I’ve known Sheldon practically my whole life. As a child, Sheldon was bigger than life. One of my dad’s most trusted up- and-coming managers. It was the team of Sheldon and Dave [Gantz] throughout the ‘80s to present. My father always thought of everyone who worked for him as family, something I’ve learned and still value. So did everyone who became part of that inner circle. We were all each other’s family. “In 1988, at 15 turning 16, wanting to work to get my licence and the freedom of a car, I couldn’t just go work for my dad. I had to interview with Sheldon and Dave (pretty sure in retrospect I would have gotten the job regardless). So, from that point, my mentor- ship with Sheldon started. Over the past 30 years (wow, just scary thinking of that) of learning and working, our relationship from student to peers to taking on the role of boss, Sheldon has always been one of my strongest shoulders and supporters. “Sheldon was like that big brother or cool cousin you always wanted to see. He always had a huge smile and a big hug (bear hugs run in the Sazant family). He had a way to make every client and co-worker feel important. “I’ve shared every major moment with my Steve’s family. Sheldon was at my bar mitzvah, my wedding, and the birth of my children. When my father passed away, he was there, and his parents [passed away] so close in time with mine. We shared a special bond over that. “Trade shows with Sheldon – for those who ever went to a MIAC, AES, or The NAMM Show with him – was like seeing him at his best. Everywhere you went, everyone knew Sheldon. Smiles and hugs. Lots of hugs. No one shook Sheldon’s hand at a meeting; he was everyone’s family. “Talking with Jeff (his brother) earlier today, we summed up Sheldon in one word: love. That was his life, his passion, everything he touched. “I’m going to truly miss him. Like my late father, I think of them both every day.” We at Canadian Music Trade extend our sympathies to Sheldon’s family, friends, and industry peers. CANADIAN MUSIC TRADE 19