Canadian Music Trade December / January 2023 | Page 30

Product News

Electro-Voice EVERSE 8 Loudspeaker Electro-Voice has announced the global introduction of the EVERSE 8 weatherized battery-powered loudspeaker with Bluetooth audio and control . The loudspeaker is the first battery-powered loudspeaker from Electro-Voice and the first weatherized model of its type .
Core components include an 8-in . woofer mounted using EV ’ s SST ( Signal Synchronized Transducers ) port design , and a high-output titanium tweeter mounted onto a custom constant-directivity waveguide . The EVERSE 8 is driven by a Class-D amplifier and DSP module developed in collaboration with the audio electronics engineering team at EV ’ s sibling brand Dynacord . Pro features include a built in four-channel digital mixer with studio-quality effects and processing , 48 V phantom power , feedback suppression , and audio ducking .
For more information , contact Electro-Voice : 800-289-0096 , buv . orders @ us . bosch . com , www . electrovoice . com .
Gibson G-Bird Acoustic Guitar Gibson has unveiled the G-Bird , the newest addition to the Generation Collection , based on the Gibson
Hummingbird , with modern sonic enhancement through the Gibson Player Port to add a new dimension to the G-Bird sound .
The Gibson Player Port allows players to hear more of themselves as the audience hears it . The Generation Collection acoustics are designed to be comfortable to hold and play for long periods of time . Like other Generation Collection guitars , the G-Bird features the Gibson Player Port , slim , lightweight bodies , a flatter fingerboard radius , walnut back and sides , and Sitka spruce tops .
Additionally , the new G-Bird is equipped with LR Baggs Element Bronze pickup systems , which amplify deep bass and clear highs .
The Generation Accessories Collection , featuring the G-Bird along with four previously-announced models , was specifically developed to provide essential accessories for the new Gibson Generation Collection acoustic guitars . The collection includes an eco-friendly , adjustable hemp guitar strap , an electronic headstock tuner , feedback-busting soundhole covers , and a Player Port cover . In addition , the Generation soundhole covers work with many other Gibson acoustic models .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .
Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022 Wireless Headphones In celebration of its 60 th anniversary , Audio-Technica has announced the introduction of its ATH- WB2022 audiophile wireless wooden headphones . The limited-edition ATH-WB2022 features the world ’ s first completely balanced audio output system for wireless headphones , according to the company . The ATH-WB2022 is crafted from layered woods and supports up to 24-bit / 96 kHz high-resolution music listening .
The ATH-WB2022 ’ s newly developed balanced audio output system employs two leading-edge ESS ES9038Q2M DACs , one for each channel . Two Nisshinbo Micro Devices ’ MUSES05 opamps are used for each channel for the input and for the output stage , in a fully balanced configuration to ensure unmatched channel separation , imaging , and transient response . In addition , the ATH-WB2022 uses separate , rechargeable batteries for each channel . This balanced audio output system ensures high clarity and resolution , with zero crosstalk or noise between the left and right channels . The ATH-WB2022 incorporates a new 45 mm driver with a magnetic circuit and a DLC ( diamond-like carbon ) coated diaphragm . The headphones are compatible with the LDAC and AAC codecs and support high-resolution up to 24-bit / 96 kHz audio playback via wireless audio or its USB connection .
For more information , contact Audio-Technica Canada : 450-506-0245 , info @ audio-technica . ca , www . audio-technica . ca .