Canadian Music Trade December / January 2023 | Page 46

Endorser Update

What many might not know about shredder Nita Strauss is that she is believed to be a descendant of Austrian composer Johann Strauss on her father ’ s side . In staying connected to her Austrian roots , Strauss has been using Austrian Audio microphones on stage . Strauss rose to prominence as a member of Alice Cooper ’ s band and is currently with Demi Lovato .
“ Austrian Audio checks all the boxes for
NITA STRAUSS a working musician - pristine , clear sound in a stylish package ,” says Strauss . “ We have been using them on our recent tour with Black Label Society .”
Strauss ’ solo band completed a 17-stop U . S . tour earlier this year , supporting Black Label Society and using the OD505 active dynamic mic for lead vocals , a couple of the match-pair OC18 condensers on amps , and three CC8 cardioid true condenser mics on drum overheads and hi-hats .
A key element in multi Grammy and Latin Grammywinning producer / mixer / engineer Rafa Sardina ’ s workflow is a wide selection of microphones from Audio- Technica . Sardina has built an eclectic and impressive client list over the years that includes some of the biggest names in the music industry , such as Stevie Wonder , Elvis Costello & The Roots , Lady Gaga , Michael Jackson , John Legend , Rodrigo y Gabriela , Placido Domingo , Shakira ,
RAFA SARDINA and many more .
“ I ’ ve been using Audio-Technica for basically my entire career ,” says Sardina . “ When I go into a session , I know there is an A-T mic that I have at my disposal that will work on the instrument or vocalist to help me capture exactly what I need – and it has been that way forever .”
Orange Amplification has welcomed JJ Julius Son , frontman and guitarist of Kaleo , as an ambassador for the company . As the primary writer for the band , as well as lead singer , guitarist and pianist , he leads the blues-driven group with passion and musical skill . Demonstrating a wide range of musical genres and influences , the diversity of Son ’ s music moves from cinematic , classic rock through soft , folksy blues , into hard-hitting stomp rock . His music appeals to a mainstream audience with his grungy guitar riffs , crying leads , and electrifying performances .
JJ Julius Son uses an Orange AD30 on tour , in the studio , and at home . Speaking about the amp , he says , “ The Orange AD30 is the only amp I ’ ve found that can handle the wide variety of tones and instruments that I use in a single show .” The Orange AD30 is a one-stop shop for all shades of pure British chime and crunch . From shimmering cleans , edge-of-break-up jangle or fire-splitting classic crunch , this amp has it all in a simple , road-proven package .
American pop artist Max Schneider , a . k . a MAX , has recently been on tour with performances all across North America . To mix the tour , audio engineer and Signal to Noise podcast host Kyle Chirnside opted for a dual Allen & Heath SQ setup , with 48-channel SQ-5 consoles at both the front of house and monitor positions . Chirnside also added a DX168 16-input stagebox for expanded I / O . Even with a separate monitor console , there is no need for a dedicated monitor engineer on the tour – as each of the performers mix their own IEMs through the wireless SQ4YOU application .
“ I wanted something small and compact ,” recalled Chirnside . “ I don ’ t need any external FX or plug-ins , I use the built-in processing of the SQ . We also will have to fly during this tour , so I kept everything under 50 pounds to meet the requirements for air travel .”