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Gibson Completes Large Expansion of Its Bozeman , MT Acoustic Guitar Factory Gibson opened the doors of its acoustic guitar facility in Bozeman , MT , in November to celebrate the completion of a factory expansion in the facility , which was originally built in 1988 . The company says this demand-driven expansion doubles the size of its machine shop and acoustic factory
While production of Gibson Acoustics started in Kalamazoo , MI and moved to Nashville , TN for a period , Bozeman was identified as an ideal location for the new acoustic facility after Gibson purchased the Montana-based Flatiron Mandolin company in 1987 . The relatively stable and dry climate in Bozeman is advantageous in building acoustic guitars , which can be greatly affected by swings in temperature and humidity . The early days in Montana marked the rebirth of Gibson ’ s flat-top guitars in the eyes and ears of artist , dealers , and fans , the company says .
To meet the recent booming demand for guitars , Gibson invested in construction to double the size of the acoustic “ craftory .” With more machine shop and manufacturing space , expanded Gibson Acoustic Custom Shop capabilities , and a new artist showroom , the modernized facility enables Gibson to increase production of its acoustic guitar models ( J-45 , Hummingbird , Dove , SJ-200 , and more ) and expand innovative offerings such as the new Gibson Generation Collection , without compromising on conditions of quality , the company says .
Gibson global leadership and the local Gibson Bozeman teams were on hand with local Montana business leaders and ambassadors , and Gibson ’ s skilled artisans who create its acoustic guitar collections to view the new craftory . With the expansion , Gibson says it will be adding up to 100-plus job opportunities and recruiting top talent on the local and national level . Gibson Acoustic in Bozeman currently employs 230 people .
For more information , go to www . gibson . com .
NAMM Presents Industry Coalition at CITES Conference of the Parties On Nov . 15 , 2022 , at an official event of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species ( CITES ) Conference of the Parties ( CoP ) in Panama City , Panama , NAMM hosted a gathering to address issues relevant to the music products industry . A coalition of industry members outlined specific concerns about a proposal for Pernambuco , the Brazilian wood of choice for stringed instrument bow makers , along with proposals to expand the musical instrument certificate program for musicians to travel internationally with instruments containing protected species , and the procedure for approving annotations for protected species .
At the CoP event , over 170 countries were represented to address these matters , including to review and create policy for global trade impacting endangered species .
Mary Luehrsen , NAMM ’ s senior advisor for public affairs welcomed attendees at a mid-day gathering . Heather Noonan , vice president of advocacy of the League of American Orchestras , led a discussion with Matthew Strickler , Deputy Assistant Secretary , Fish and Wildlife and Parks at the U . S . Department of the Interior and the official representative from the United States to the CoP . Bob Taylor , co-founder of Taylor Guitars , spoke to his company ’ s commitment to ethically and sustainably sourced tonewoods . John Bennett of the International Association of Violin and Bow Makers , Michael Jousserand of Buffet Crampon and CAFIM , and Fanny Reyre Menard of France ’ s CSFI outlined specific impacts of policy proposal .
Prior to the CoP , information on these topics was submitted to the CITES Secretariat , in the three working languages of the Convention ( Spanish , French , and English ), by a collective of more than 50 associations and companies . NAMM is a key member of the informal working group of music products industry stakeholders that drafted the statements and continues to closely monitor CITES activities .