Canadian Music Trade - December-January 2022 - Page 38

Product News

Vater Elise Trouw Model Signature Drumsticks Vater has released the Elise Trouw Model signature drumsticks .
Elise Trouw is a celebrated and trailblazing independent artist — a multi-instrumentalist , singer , songwriter , producer , and content designer / developer who blends digital technology with acoustic instruments in new and creative musical and visual ways . Her recent collaborators include Billie Eilish ’ s co-writer and producer Finneas , Seal , and Andy Summers of The Police , to name a few .
The Elise Trouw Model drumstick is 16 in . in length with a 7A-sized grip for a comfortable feel that is suitable across the full range of drumming experience , from young beginners to advanced players . Lathe-turned using high-grade American hickory for durability with a round wood tip for a clean , defined sound . Trouw ’ s logo , signature , and customized pink finish put the finishing touches on this model . For more information , contact Erikson Music : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonmusic . com , www . eriksonmusic . com .
Spector Euro RST Series Basses Spector Musical Instruments has introduced the Euro RST (“ roasted ”) series basses . The latest additions to the Euro series , these four- and five-string models bring Spector ’ s classic design into a new era with updated tone woods , enhanced electronics , and a fresh palette of exclusive stain options .
Neck-through construction has long been central to the Spector design , and the 24-fret Euro RST enhances this concept with a three-piece roasted maple neck and fingerboard with mother-of-pearl inlays , which give this design a distinct look while also offering better stability and rigidity . This tempered tone wood is paired with a uniquely-figured flame maple top and empress wood back , for a visual presence , resonance , and lightweight , balanced performance .
For electronics , the Euro RST models feature Aguilar Super Double pickups and OBP-2 preamps for an added mid-range focus . These are the first Euro models to feature Super Double pickups . These hum-cancelling pickups feature two rows of Alnico V magnets to provide a dynamic , growly tone . When paired with the OBP- 2 , players can cut and boost frequencies to sculpt their ideal tone .
For more information , contact Korg USA : 866-444- 9201 , sales @ korgusa . com , www . korgusa . com .
Audix A231 Studio Vocal Microphone Audix has introduced its latest large-diaphragm studio vocal microphone , the A231 . Sporting the distinctive gold-plated brass band also seen on the SCX25A instrument mic , the A231 can be used for lead and backing vocals , spoken word and voiceover applications , and acoustic instrument miking with its clean , powerful sound .
Inside the microphone is a 33mm , true condenser capsule featuring a precision-tensioned diaphragm with gold deposition all the way to its far edges . This produces an effective diaphragm area approximately 25 % larger than that of a typical large-diaphragm condenser mic , and results in a sound that is both neutral and rich , according to the company . A cardioid pickup pattern offers a predictable proximity effect and enhanced off-axis rejection .
The capsule feeds circuitry that is ultra-quiet and an activedriven shield protects the signal path from interference and capacitive coupling . An internal shock mount nearly eliminates touch noise , enabling the A231 to be used across a wide variety of environments without the need for an external shock mount .
For more information , contact Erikson Audio : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonaudio . com , www . eriksonaudio . com .