Canadian Music Trade - December-January 2022 - Page 32

Product News

JBL Professional EON700 Series Portable PA Systems JBL Professional has introduced the EON700 Series of portable PA loudspeakers and subwoofer with Bluetooth .
With four models available – including the 10-in . EON710 , the 12-in . EON712 , and the 15- in . EON715 powered PA speakers plus the 18-in . EON718S subwoofer – the systems cover the needs of working musicians and sound providers . These flexible systems are designed to scale with customers ’ needs , from DJ performances and full bands to solo singer / songwriter gigs , presentations , and worship events . Speakers can be configured as mains or stage monitors , hung or stacked , and in portable systems or permanent installations .
Users can dial in the sound using a built-in three-channel mixer and dbx DriveRack Inside technology , featuring Automatic Feedback Suppression , eight-band output EQ , and optimized use-case presets . An onboard backlit colour LCD screen provides control , or it can be tweaked with the JBL Pro Connect app . Bluetooth 5.0 streaming and control , mounting options , and built-in speaker delay add more versatility .
For more information , contact HPC : 800-268-8147 , info @ hpc . jamindustries . com , hpc . jamindustries . com .
Earthworks Ethos Broadcast Condenser Microphone Earthworks Audio has launched the Ethos condenser microphone , which is tuned to broadcast standards . Fully developed in-house , the Ethos was designed for the authenticity , naturalness , and gentle proximity effect of broadcast microphones .
The Ethos is a supercardioid 14mm condenser microphone with an extended frequency response that covers from 20Hz to 30kHz . It is able to handle extreme SPL levels up to 145dB for even the loudest users , and Earthworks says the Ethos is built for speed and designed to capture every transient .
In addition to traditional radio or TV applications , the microphone is designed to appeal to makers of all voice and spoken-word applications who want a mic that naturally enhances voice qualities . The Ethos ships with an included Triad-Orbit M2-R ball joint mic adapter , allowing users to make precise placement adjustments . For maximum flexibility , the integrated M2-R swivel ball joint can be disconnected and re-mounted on any studio mic stand or boom arm .
For more information , contact Earthworks : 603-654-2433 , info @ earthworksaudio . com , www . earthworksaudio . com .
Gator Guitar Fret Mutes Gator Cases has released the Guitar Fret Mute , which give guitarists an option for suppressing overtones and sympathetic resonance of open strings during certain guitar techniques .
The Guitar Fret Mutes deliver a solution for silencing the buzzing sound encountered when utilizing advanced playing techniques , like two-handed finger tapping and similar approaches . It functions like an extra hand to mute the open strings and suppresses any unwanted overtones and resonance to keep recordings and live performances sounding as clean as possible .
The Fret Mutes have a small and compact design , making them easy to throw in a gig bag or guitar case compartment . To attach the fret mute , wrap it directly over the fretboard at any position on the neck or move it just above the nut . The stretchy fabric and hook-and-loop strap allow users to set and lock the preferred amount of dampening , giving them full control over placement and pressure . The Fret Mutes come in four different sizes and will fit an array of neck widths , from four-string basses and six-string electrics to 12-string basses and oversized stringed instruments .
For more information , contact Erikson Audio : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonaudio . com , www . eriksonaudio . com .