Canadian Music Trade - December-January 2022 - Page 30

Product News

Peavey VYPYR X Series Modeling Amplifiers Peavey Electronics has released the VYPYR X Series of modeling amplifiers . This latest evolution of the VYPYR design includes three new models with updated styling , enhanced acoustic performance , and improved TransTube analog / digital hybrid technology .
The new VYPYR X2 and X3 models also come with Bluetooth remote control and audio streaming in . Fully loaded with amps and effects , the VYPYR X Series is designed to provide a range of solutions with substantial value . The series carries on the tradition of the VYPYR guitar amplifier , circa 2008 , which addressed common problems with modeling amps . Many modeling amps can ’ t be heard in a live setting because of subpar digital distortion and EQ . Peavey ’ s TransTube technology , improved in the new VYPYR
X Series , provides a solution with true analog distortion that emulates real tubes . This also leaves the amplifier ’ s processing power dedicated to the effects . As a result , VYPYR X amps can run up to five effects simultaneously .
The VYPYR X Series also offers improved processing and cabinet design with Variable Instrument Performance . Users can switch from electric guitar to bass to acoustic on the same amplifier . The VYPYR X2 and X3 models take utility a step further with up to 10 different instrument modes and 26 total onboard amp-accessible effects .
For more information , contact Peavey Electronics : 601-483-5365 , directsales @ peavey . com , www . peavey . com .
Epiphone Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Guitar Epiphone , a Gibson Brand , has introduced the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior electric guitar , which was designed in conjunction with the Green Day frontman .
As the frontman for pop punk icons Green Day , Armstrong has used his own Epiphone Les Paul Junior with a classic white finish on stages across the world . The new Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior features a slab mahogany body and a set neck , an Indian laurel fretboard with 22 medium jumbo frets , a PRO P-90 pickup , and master volume and tone controls with CTS potentiometers . The guitar has Armstrong ’ s autograph as an emblem on the back of the headstock and comes with a deluxe leopard , faux fur-lined custom hardshell case .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .
Mojo Hand FX Clarity Compressor Pedal Mojo Hand FX has introduced the Clarity Compressor pedal .
This unit was designed to be a quiet and transparent compressor , featuring controls for Mix , Compression , and Level . Other features include push-button selection for Slope or Envelope compression options , and a 9V , centre-negative power supply . A durable “ vein ” finish is baked onto this U . S . -made pedal .
With the Slope button in the up position , the Clarity has a linear , traditional style of compression . The attack is fast , quickly grabbing signal peaks for a smooth response and feel . With the Envelope button in the Down position , the Clarity becomes dynamic and punchier , with a greater response to attack . It is more reactive to the input and therefore a heavier sounding compression , causing a slight bit of “ pumping ” from the compress / release cycle slightly distorting the incoming signal . This introduces a perceived “ warmth ” due to the heavier manipulation of the signal . This mode requires fine-tuning of the Mix knob to dial in the desired amount of attack , clarity , and overall compression .
For more information , contact Search & Distro Music Equipment : 519-512-0216 , scott @ searchanddistro . com , www . searchanddistro . com .