Canadian Music Trade - August-September 22 | Page 41

Yamaha 2022 CFX Concert Grand Piano Yamaha has introduced the next generation of the CFX , a handcrafted concert grand piano designed to meld tradition and innovation . Compared the original 2010 model , the updated CFX combines minor changes , such as all three legs now having locking castors , and more substantial improvements , such as the reshaped soundboard .
On the CFX , utilizes what it terms the “ Unibody Concept ,” which it says minimizes loss of expressivity tween the piano ’ s keys and listener . The CFX uses Yamaha s be-
A . R . E . ( Acoustic Resonance Enhancement ) technology to treat the rims and back posts . This wood-reforming orming process uses moisture control , temperature manipulation ation , and pressure to enhance the natural tonal characteristics of the wood . According to the company , A . R . E . diminishes unwanted damping of vibrations , which can help emulate the warm rich timbres found in decades-old instruments .
On the new model , the shape and width of the CFX s soundboard have been modified to improve transmission , which the company says creates a richer and more resonant mid-bass sound with a wider dynamic range .
For more information , contact Yamaha Canada Music : 416-298-1311 , www . ca . yamaha . com .