Canadian Music Trade - August-September 22 | Page 40

Product News

Eventide Misha Instrument & Sequencer for Eurorack Eventide has released the Misha , a new type of instrument and sequencer that utilizes a unique , interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies .
Inspired by 12-tone composition , the Misha ’ s sequencer expands upon the tone row technique , allowing for new paths of spontaneous creativity . Users can modify sequences using some of the classic techniques such as Prime ( forwards ), Retro ( backwards ), or Inverted playback , or completely rearrange sequences in unpredictable ways .
The Misha comes preloaded with a variety of scales , ranging from typical western scales , microtonal scales , scales that use just intonation , and more . Additionally , two banks of user scales allow music makers to upload their own scales using the Scala format for further experimentation . The can create a simple melody or sequence , change the key and scale , and manipulate the pattern into a whole new creation .
For more information , contact Eventide : 201-641-1200 , support @ eventide . com , www . eventide . com .
Guild Starfire I-12 Electric Guitar Guild Guitars has launched the Starfire I-12 electric guitar , adding to its Starfire I family .
The new 12-string guitar features a semihollow arched mahogany body and centre block for increased sustain and chime . The modern thin “ U ” neck allows for fast and smooth playing and provides easy access to all 22 frets . The Starfire I-12 comes complete with premium pickups and in a transparent cherry red finish . It ’ s equipped with Guild HB-2 humbuckers for rich and vintage tones using Alnico II magnets . The Guild HB-2 humbuckers also feature coil-splitting using the push / pull volume knobs for a variety of tonal options and the Tune-O-Matic bridge provides stable tuning and easy adjustability while the stop bar tailpiece ensures solid intonation , according to the company .
For more information , contact Cordoba Music Group : 310-586-1180 , info @ cordobamusicgroup . com , www . cordobamusicgroup . com .
Floyd Rose Tremolo Buddy Clamping Tool Floyd Rose has introduced the Tremolo Buddy , a convenient new tool for working on tremolo-equipped guitars . The Tremolo Buddy is a lightweight , durable , and easy-to-use tool designed to simplify necessary maintenance tasks on a Floyd Rose or other tremolo systems . Its unique design offers a simple solution to tackling the “ big five ” problematic maintenance areas of a tremolo-equipped guitar by helping to keep tension on the bridge : string changes ; intonation adjustments ; bridge height adjustments ; spring claw adjustments ; and truss rod adjustments .
Using two simple clamps , the Tremolo Buddy allows the strings to be kept on the instrument without having to loosen tension or place blocks under the bridge . This design also works as a stand to flip the guitar on to conveniently work on spring tension adjustments in an upright position . The tool is quickly unclamped by using easy-off triggers .
In addition to its intended usage for tremolo systems , technicians and musicians have found that the “ third hand ” is also handy for working on non-tremolo equipped instruments . A durable glass-reinforced nylon body provides lightweight strength , while the rubber TPE foot pads protect the guitar ’ s body and is safe on all finishes .
For more information , contact Blaze Music : 403-630-2381 , sales @ blazemusic . ca , www . blazemusic . ca .