Canadian Music Trade - August-September 22 - Page 36

Product News

AEA TRP500 Microphone Preamp Audio Engineering Associates ( AEA ) has announced the first product in its third generation of microphone preamps , the TRP500 . Optimized for ribbon mics , the TRP500 offers up to 85dB of gain for any microphone .
Based on the circuit and topology of the company ’ s original AEA TRP preamp , the TRP500 has low noise , musical sonics , and ultra-high gain and impedance ( 100,000 Ohms ). The TRP500 is designed to draw out the warmth and lush sound of ribbon mics as well as other top-level microphones . The preamp also features up to 85dB of quiet DC-coupled gain , minimal path architecture , and a gentle 115 Hz or 230 Hz high pass filter .
For more information , go to www . aearibbonmics . com .
ASI Audio 3DME Music Enhancement IEM system Generation 2 ASI Audio , in collaboration with Sensaphonics , has announced the launch of the second-generation 3DME Gen2 Active Ambient Monitoring System , which features ASI Audio App and belt pack enhancements to expand the system feature set based on user requests and customer needs , along with extended battery life . The core remains the 3DME system ’ s application of patented Active Ambient technology to give users a highfidelity in-ear monitor mix with natural room sound from their bandmates and the audience .
Several new options are designed to accommodate listener comfort . The internal limiter ’ s lowest Limiter Threshold setting is now stretched down from 84 dB-SPL to 76 dB-SPL for those with especially sensitive hearing , along with subtle improvements in the attack characteristic of the limiter and the linearity of extremely high frequencies . The selectable Start-Up Squeal Suppressor ( formerly called the Safety Limiter ) eliminates the rare , unharmful feedback squeal that was possible when a user covered the ambient microphone with their finger while inserting the earpieces with the system powered . Similarly , turn-on and turn-off “ thumps ” heard when powering the system with earpieces inserted are now reduced . For musicians and other end users who can hear very little in one ear – single-sided deafness ( SSD ) or unilateral hearing loss , which creates a head shadowing effect that negatively impacts clarity and timing – the CROS ( Crosslateral Routing of Signal ) option restores intelligibility by combining the binaural signals and removing all sound to the impaired ear .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution : 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .
ATC SC570 Pro Active Subwoofer ATC has released the SCS70 Pro , a compact subwoofer using its first in-house-designed and built sub driver . Designed by Billy Woodman and his team of engineers , this new 12-in . sub driver delivers detailed low-frequency information without the use of EQ or porting , still delivering bass down to 20Hz .
The ATC SCS70 Pro works with ATC ’ s line of active monitors and can be deployed as a single , in pairs , or larger multiples to suit a range of rooms and applications or formats . ATC SCS70s can be daisy-chained for scalable performance and any number of them can be muted with a single footswitch . Flexible gain and multiple low-pass frequencies allow users to optimize the SCS70 in any room with any ATC monitor , as well as universal application with other brands of monitors .
For more information , contact YSL Pro : 416-867-9000 , yslpro @ yorkville . com , www . yslpro . com .