Canadian Music Trade - August-September 22 - Page 35

Ddrum Updated D1 Junior Drum Set Ddrum has introduces the newly-updated D1 Junior Drum Set for beginners . Despite its diminutive drum sizes , cymbals , and hardware , the D1 functions just like a regular full-sized kit so that young players learn the fundamentals and coordination needed for a full-sized kit . The latest iteration of the D1 features upgrades to the essential hardware and drums , making the playing experience more authentic .
The D1 ’ s upgrades include a new double lug design on all drums , gull wing bass drum spurs , a new badge , and a new hardware set . The D1 also includes new bass drum heads and larger toms . It ’ s available in three finishes : Midnight Black , Cobalt Blue , and Solid White .
The D1 ’ s tunable drums include a 10x16 bass drum ; 6x8 and 6x10 rack toms ; a 10x13 floor tom ; and a 5x12 snare drum . Poplar drum shells and a 45-degree bearing edge create an authentic feel and responsiveness . Low-mass lugs secure the 1.6mm triple flanged hoops . The kit also includes a cymbal stand , hi-hat stand , snare stand , bass drum pedal , and junior drum throne , as well as a set of 10-in . hi-hat cymbals and a 12-in . crash / ride .
For more information , contact Intellimix Corp .: 514-457-9663 , salesinfo @ intellimix . com , www . intellimix . com .


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