Canadian Music Trade - August-September 22 - Page 33

DPA 4055 Kick Drum Microphone DPA Microphones has introduced the 4055 , a specialized kick drum microphone for the low-frequency , high-SPL instrument . Different from traditional kick drum mics , this new addition to DPA ’ s product lineup is not pre-tailored to any specific sound , allowing sound engineers to shape the sound as desired . The mic has been tested to perform in a variety of applications and across most genres . It is built to withstand the rigors of life on the road and for studio use .
With an intentional use for kick drum-specific applications , the 4055 delivers the usual DPA sound , picking up the true , clear sound of the instrument . The mic also offers a linear frequency response , both on and off axis , which results in a very tight , natural , well-defined sound . The low end is punchier and dials in the right setting for the beater , while removing some of the mid-range is made easier .
The mic ’ s asymmetric design makes it easy to position when slid into any size drum without risking a tear in the drum skin . It can also be placed both inside or outside the kick drum . Additionally , the 4055 has a large housing and ample wind damping foam , positioned in front of the capsule behind the grille , to deal with turbulence in front of the drum holes .
For more information , contact GerrAudio Distribution : 613-342-6999 , sales @ gerr . com , www . gerr . com .
Paiste Flat Ride Cymbals Paiste has added released two new Masters Dark Flat Ride cymbal models , and also reintroduced the Formula 602 , 2002 , and Traditionals Series cymbals . It says this is in response to renewed interest in flat ride cymbals .
In the late 1960s , Paiste developed the idea of a cymbal without a bell , which made it very easy to control . This resulted in the flat ride concept , for which international patents were awarded at the time . The very defined and controlled flat ride sound has since become part of important recorded music in jazz . Since a flat ride hardly builds up , the airy , unobtrusive , and cultivated ping re mains well defined at all volumes , particularly with light play .
The medium light weight 20- and 22-in . Masters Dark Flat Ride models complement the Masters Series with a dark and complex variation on the typical flat ride characteristic . The ping exhibits less of the very high frequencies of classic Paiste Flat Rides , and the low wash has a bit more dirt . The new model thus fits well into the sound character of the Masters Dark models .
Masters , Formula 602 , Signature Traditionals , and 2002 Cymbals are made in Switzerland from various bronze alloys using traditional craftsmanship .
For more information , contact Yamaha Canada Music : 416-298- 1311 , www . ca . yamaha . com .
Gretsch Drums USA Custom Ridgeland Snare Gretsch Drums has introduced the USA Custom Ridgeland Snare drum . At almost a half-inch thick and made from a fusion of woods , the new drum offers a sound that blends warmth , power , and loudness .
The 0.4-in . shell , made of maple , gum , and poplar , features a hybrid bearing edge that combines the Gretsch 30-degree edge with an old-school Broadkaster-style roundover ; the result is a warm , full-bodied tone with plenty of attack . These new snare drums are equipped with 4-mm die-cast counter hoops , the Lightning Throw-Off , 20-strand snare wires , and Gretsch Permatone drumheads . Custom-made , the Ridgeland snare drums are available in 5 x 14 and 6.5 x 14 in . sizes and in all Gretsch nitron , satin , or gloss lacquer finishes to match any drum set .
For more information , contact B & J Music : 800-268-8147 , www . bjmusiconline . com .