Canadian Music Trade - August-September 22 - Page 31

Sheptone David Becker Signature String Set Sheptone has introduced the David Becker Signature Set of premium nickel-wound electric guitar strings , which are designed for jazz but with feel and functionality suitable for multiple styles of playing . The David Becker Signature Set offers a unique gauge combination made to Becker ’ s liking and with appeal for fingerstyle players .
In the David Becker Signature Set , the third string , . 020W , is handwound , improving intonation and providing tonal balance and a full , warm sound . The full set measurements for the roundwound set are . 012 . 015 . 020W . 030 . 042 . 052 , delivering the heaviness traditional jazz and rhythm players are accustomed to , but with added bend as well .
For more information , go to www . sheptone . com .
Cort KX307 Multi Scale Electric Guitar Cort has expanded its KX Series of electric guitars with the introduction of the KX307 Multi Scale . The seven-string model combines Cort ’ s signature fret configuration and specially-designed PowerBar pickups .
The KX307 Multi Scale features the same quality and features of Cort ’ s other multi-scale , multi-string guitars . The build starts with a mahogany body that produces warm , deep resonance that ’ s ideal for the low-end growl associated with this model . The neck ’ s roasted maple wood is treated in an oxygen-free oven at a high temperature , stabilizing and developing enhanced stability , bold tone , and a golden-brown vintage look . The KX307 aesthetics are topped off with a choice of either an open pore mahogany or open pore black body finish , and a teardrop acryl black inlay on the fretboard .
The seven-string multi-scale measures 25.5 to 27 in ., giving the KX307 a tighter low-end for the low-B and low-E strings on the extended scale length . This design effectively maintains the familiar feel and tension on treble strings for speedy runs and string-bending . The neutral fret is in the eighth position for a more natural spread angle of the frets .
For more information , contact Coast Music : 514-457-2555 , info @ coastmusic . com , www . coastmusiconline . com .
MusicNomad Brass Instrument Care & Cleaning Products MusicNomad has introduced seven new premium brass instrument care and cleaning products . Adding to its existing band and orchestra Care products introduced in 2014 , the new range features a tuning slide grease , two-in-one mouthpiece brush , trumpet and trombone snake brushes ; a three-piece trumpet brush set ; and trumpet and trombone complete care kits .
After a year of research and development and rigorous testing with several B & O repair shops , MusicNomad says the specifications are designed for beginners to the pro and even the repair shop . The two-in-one mouthpiece brush features two brushes in one , premium fibers and an ergonomic handle . The trumpet and trombone snake brushes use a vinyl-free waterproof lining that uncoils straight and features premium fibers . The three-piece trumpet brush set includes the mouthpiece brush , snake brush , and an extra-long valve brush with premium fibers and an ergonomic handle . The pro-strength tuning slide grease formulation is long lasting , clear , and odorless . All the products come with a convenient resealable storage bag made with recyclable PET / PE material .
For more information , contact SFM : 800-363-8855 , 514-780-2070 , info @ sfm . ca , www . sfm . ca .