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August / September 2022 Volume XLIII Number 5
How supply chain issues are hitting MI & pro audio , Pg . 24
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From the Floor A Lack of Instrument Repair Technicians & Tuners is Threatening Canada ’ s MI Industry
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Drum Sales Done Right
Giving Drummers The Best In-Store Experience By Michael Raine Drummers , of course , are a unique breed , which is only fitting given the unique nature of their instrument . So , we wanted to speak to people with distinctive perspectives on the customer / retailer dynamic as it relates specifically to drum sales . We also got an updated read on the drum market and how it ’ s shifting . As such , we spoke to a couple store owners from two of Canada ’ s top drum shops , as well as a drum educator and a drum products distributor .


It ’ s Arriving When ??? And Going to Cost How Much ?!
How Supply Chain Issues & Inflation Are Hitting MI & Pro Audio
By Michael Raine If you ’ ve paid attention to the news in recent months , the competing crises of inflation , product shortages , and supply chain issues have dominated the discussion and affected every product category . There is no single reason for it — it spans from factory fires in Japan to drought in Brazil to lockdowns in China and rising consumer demand in America . No industry has been spared , and the issues are so all-pervasive , it seemed about time that we ask around and find out what specifically is ailing the MI and pro audio products industries .