Canadian Music Trade - April-May 2022 - Page 36

Product News

ddrum NIO Electronic Percussion Pad ddrum has introduced the NIO Electronic Percussion Pad , which has the capabilities of a fully-functioning electronic drum kit . Featuring a broad surface of responsive pads , a wide range of percussive options , and ample connectivity , the company says the NIO works well for acoustic or electronic kits in various settings , from at-home practice to live performance and studio sessions .
The NIO is designed with simple and streamlined controls and nine isolated rubber pads . It comes preloaded with 30 preset kits , including ng five ddrum series kits , 20 user kits , and hundreds of built-in sounds . Additional-ditionally , players can utilize 512 MB of storage for loading their own sample drum kits , sounds , or loops . Further broadening creative possibilities , the NIO has two built-in trigger inputs that enable the player to utilize external drum triggers or pads . Footswitch inputs allow the NIO to become a fully-functional electronic kit , providing a practice option in limited spaces or on the road .
For more information , contact Intellimix Corp .: 514-457-9663 , salesinfo @ intellimix . com , www . intellimix . com .
Universal Audio Bock & Standard Series Microphones Universal Audio ( UA ) has introduced the first microphone lineup in its 60-year history . Befitting a company with roots in both analog and digital audio recording , the UA microphones include high-end UA Bock tube microphones handmade in Santa Cruz , CA ( shipping in fall of 2022 ); the Sphere L22 Modeling Microphone with its ability to accurately emulate 34 classic studio mics , and the now-shipping Standard Series microphones designed for home recordists , serious podcasters , and content creators .
The flagship UA Bock mics represent a trio of premium tube and FET-based models designed by vintage mic authority David Bock , who joined the UA team with the purchase of his Bock Audio brand in 2020 .
yslpro @ yorkville . com , www . yslpro . com .