Canadian Music Trade - April-May 2022 - Page 34

Product News

Hughes & Kettner StompMan Pedal Amp Hughes & Kettner has expanded its AmpMan line with the StompMan , which it describes as a fullfledged guitar amp in the format of a compact floor effects unit .
The StompMan ’ s tonal spectrum can be shaped to suit the genre , style , and taste . It was engineered to bring out the best in effects plugged into its input and FX loop . With this pedal-friendly design and a host of connection options , this floor amp is designed to be the professional-grade hub for a player ’ s pedalboard .
At the heart of the StompMan is Hughes & Kettner ’ s Spirit Tone Generator technology , a fully-analog circuit that captures the tone and ultra-direct , dynamic feel of traditional tube amps . Its Tone knob works like that of its archetypal predecessors , shaping the amp ’ s response according to the Gain , Master , and Sagging settings . With the added tone-sculpting power of the Presence and Resonance knob , players can dial in the full sweep of classic clean and overdrive sounds . When paired with an appropriate preamp and other stompboxes , these controls provide the tweaking options needed to conjure modern heavy sounds .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .
Cort G290 FAT II Electric Guitar Cort Guitars has introduced the updated G290 FAT II electric , featuring several functional upgrades to a double-cutaway .
The vintage-inspired G290 FAT II electric features a new alder body and flame maple top , plus a roasted maple neck and maple fingerboard . Playing on the contrast of light and dark , the G290 FAT
II features a new optional colour finish of Trans Burst Black , plus Luminlay markers on the fingerboard sides . Beyond multiple playability enhancements to the improve sonic character and sustain , the G290 FAT II retains key features , like the Voiced Tone VTH-77 pickup set .
The first edition G290 FAT was designed with higher-grade materials and hardware components , along with improved build processes for the 25.5-in . -scale bolt-on .
The G290 FAT II adds a Graph Tech Black TUSQ nut ( 42 mm), made from an advanced polymer formed under high heat and pressure for uniform density . The com- pany says this transfers string energy more efficiently , creat- ing enhanced harmonics and volume . On the headstock , Cort has added a string tree for the first and second string , which helps with string tension and stability while enhancing sustain .
For more information , contact Coast Music : 514-457-2555 , info @ coastmusic . com , www . coastmusiconline . com .
Black Lion Auteur mkIII Mic Preamp Black Lion Audio has introduced the Auteur mkIII two-channel transformer-coupled mic preamp .
The Auteur mkIII starts with a modern front end designed to be fast and transparent , following this up with a vintage-inspired output stage design coupled with Cinemag transformers that allow for a big , colourful sound . This two-pronged approach results in a preamp that the company describes as a “ jack-of-all-trades .” Each of those two channels comes complete with rear panel-positioned Mic In connections on XLR jacks and balanced TRS line Output connections . Clearly labelled Line level ( TRS Engage ) inputs for adding warmth to keyboards , synths , and even full stereo mixes are on the front panel , while an associated Hi-Z switch makes for a stellar instrument input for direct capture of guitar and bass . Both channels also feature front panel-positioned Gain controls ( with up to 62dB of gain ), plus buttons for engaging PAD ( -10dB ), 48V ( phantom power ), and ø ( polarity reverse ). Removable rack ears are also included as the Auteur mkIII can be conveniently racked in a half-unit space .
For more information , contact Erikson Audio : 514-457-2555 , info @ eriksonaudio . com , www . eriksonaudio . com .