Canadian Music Trade - April-May 2022 - Page 31

Waldorf Iridium Keyboard Waldorf has introduced a keyboard version of its Iridium synth with polyphonic aftertouch .
The Iridium Keyboard includes a 47-note Fatar TP / 8SK keyboard , with the polyphonic aftertouch allowing each note to respond to pressure individually . The Iridium interface has also been given a makeover , and now offers a one-knob-per-function control panel , plus six programmable Macro buttons .
Inspired by the PPG Wave synths of the past , the Iridium Keyboard features five different synthesis models for each of its three oscillators ( wavetable , waveform , particle , resonator , and kernels ). There are also three stereo digital filters per voice , effects , six envelopes , six LFOs , and more . The mod matrix offers 40 independent modulation assignments , each with individual settings for source , amount , and destination .
For more information , contact Intellimix : 514-457-9663 , salesinfo @ intellimix . com , www . intellimix . com .
Majestic Opus One Orchestral Snare Drums Majestic Percussion has launched the Opus One Orchestral Snare Drum series . The snares range in size from 14x4 to 14x7 in . and are offered in a variety of shell materials , including brass , cherry , and even cast iron , which is reminiscent of famous vintage “ sewer pipe ” drums .
Each model comes equipped with its own set of hybrid snare cables , specific drum head combinations , and suggested tuning ranges to help players achieve their desired sound out of the box . Additionally , each drum in the series was curated with a custom-designed frequency modifier accessory to help players achieve a wide variety of sonic textures . The drums are well suited for professional orchestral stages , modern percussion ensembles , solo performance , or a variety of audition situations in addition to providing a thoughtful option for high-level school programs that prefer the streamlined design and reliability of a single throw-off style snare drum .
For more information , contact Coast Music : 514-457-2555 , info @ coastmusic . com , www . coastmusiconline . com .