Canadian Music Trade - April-May 2022 - Page 30

Product News

Mapex Venus Series Drum Kits Mapex has released the Venus Series complete drum kit , which presents an all-inclusive setup for new drummers .
The Venus Series kit includes a five-piece shell pack , complete with matching snare drum , outfitted with a complete set of stands and pedals , cymbals , a drummer ’ s throne , and a pair of drumsticks . The Venus Series is available in Rock and Fusion setups in a choice of four sparkle colours : Black Galaxy , Blue Sky , Aqua Blue , and Crimson Red .
After a 20-plus year absence from the market , the Venus series returns with 100 % poplar shell construction . The Venus kits are appointed with the same Mapex SoniClear bearing edge technology as pro-level Mapex drums .
For more information , contact Yorkville Sound : 905-837-8777 , canada @ yorkville . com , www . yorkville . com .
Boss Katana Bass Amplifiers Boss has introduced the Katana-110 Bass and Katana-210 Bass amplifiers , the first bass guitar models in the Katana amplifier lineup . These stage-ready combos offer three unique preamp types , class AB power amps , tone-shaping tools , onboard effects , and more .
Armed with custom-designed speakers and solid combo cabinets , the Katana bass amplifiers also feature an efficient bi-amp design backed by class AB power , plus a variable Power Control for achieving optimum sound at any volume . Vintage , Flat , and Modern preamp types are available , each with a three-way Shape switch to finetune the character .
The Katana-110 Bass features 60W of power , a 10-in . woofer , and a tweeter , making it ideal for home / studio playing and small stages . The Katana-210 Bass features 160W , two 10-in . woofers , and a tweeter , offering extra power and fullness for larger performance setups . The tweeter provides high-frequency definition for slap and other modern styles and can be disabled for a more traditional sound if desired .
Like the Katana guitar amps , the new bass amps feature onboard Boss effects . Dedicated comp / limiter and drive sections provide core processing , while FX1 and FX2 offer options from the Boss bass effects library , from standards like chorus and flanger to octave , bass synth , and more . The FX2 section also includes delay and reverb , and over 60 total effect types are available for loading via the Boss Tone Studio editor .
For more information , contact Roland Canada : 604-270-6626 , www . roland . com / ca .