Canadian Music Trade - April-May 2022 - Page 23

Business — and How to Use Them Donovan Bankhead & Amanda Reuter , Ernie Williamson Music , and EJ Dombrowski , Jim ’ s Music
4 P . M . Careers in Music Summit Joe Lamond & guests
Breakfast Session 8:30 – 9:30 a . m ., Anaheim Hilton , Level 2 , Pacific Ballrooms Best in Show Frank Alkyer & panel Discover the new products , services , and technologies that must be seen before leaving Anaheim . This is a fast-moving roundup of surefire bestsellers for 2022 and beyond . Frank Alkyer , publisher of Music Inc . and UpBeat Daily magazines , will host a panel of retail gear experts who ’ ve shopped the exhibit floor to bring back their favourite new gear .
NAMM Idea Center Sessions 10 A . M . How to Monetize Your Music in Film & TV ( Double Session ) Chandra Lynn , Glow Marketing ( moderator ), and panel
11 A . M . The Top 5 Streaming Growth Tactics in 2022 ( Double Session ) Ari Herstand , author of How to Make It in the New Music Business
12 P . M . New Music Launch Checklist : How to Get Your Music Out There ( Double Session ) Laura Whitmore , Mad Sun Marketing ( moderator ), and panel
1 P . M . The Perfect Storm : When Internal and External Factors Line Up to Make a Hit Song ( Double Session ) Thornton Cline & Lacie Carpenter
2 P . M . How Musicians Should Use TikTok Ari Herstand , author of How to Make It in the New Music Business
2:30 P . M . The Top 10 Money Blunders Made by Musicians & Bands Alan Friedman , CPA , and Evan Kalish ,
Friedman , Kannenberg & Company , P . C .
3 P . M . Music Publishing Do ’ s and Don ’ ts Ron Bienstock , Music Business Attorney
3:30 P . M . How to Generate Multiple Income Streams as a Musician Jeff Gunn , author , content creator & educator
A Word with Joe Lamond NAMM , PRESIDENT & CEO
CMT : What are your realistic expectations in terms of attendance from both general attendees and exhibitors ?
Lamond : Well , as we speak , we ’ re about three months out , so it ’ s a snapshot in time . I mean , it ’ s going to be smaller ; probably half the size of 2020 . I think that ’ s probably a fair assessment , although , we could go one way and get some good breaks or a new variant comes out of Europe and it breaks the other way . But right now , I think we have our eyes wide open and it ’ s going to be a lot smaller . But what ’ s most important is getting everyone back out again , even just to see each other , connect with your partners in business , and it ’ s almost like the wheels have to start turning again , slowly . I think that ’ s how we ’ re approaching it .
On the education front , on the activity front , concerts and networking and so on , with all those things , it ’ s full speed ahead . That stuff will look like 2020 because all that is what ’ s in our control . We didn ’ t cut anything on that side ; all the education tracks are full . But I think it ’ ll be a smaller footprint on the show floor .
And as far as attendance , that ’ s the wildcard . Even in the Great Recession , while the show floor shrunk by almost 20 %, our registration didn ’ t shrink at all . Now , if there ’ s travel bans , or how the war in Europe may affect some of this , that ’ s hard to predict . Whoever is there , we ’ ll take really good care of them ; I think it ’ s the best way to put it .
CMT : Over the last couple of years , you ’ ve talked a lot about how manufacturers ’ usual yearly schedules with regards to R & D , manufacturing , product launches , and so on was completely out of whack . What are you hearing from exhibitors about whether they ’ ll have new products ready to launch in June ?
Lamond : It ’ s still a big challenge , especially for the electronics side of things . I think hand-crafted instruments , some of those have been able to come out and are going to launch and there will be a lot of new products . Several mid-sized , smaller companies have also , I think , been able to move quickly . But I can tell you that I think the reoccurring product shortages – whether it ’ s in China , or just the cost of moving things over here on container ships , or now with the war in Ukraine and its impact on some of the Eastern European suppliers , or whether it ’ s software chips — the hits keep on coming to the supply chain . So , I ’ m optimistic that we ’ ll see some new products , which is obviously important to our customers out there . But I can tell you that I ’ m hearing a lot that there ’ s still many , many challenges in the supply chain .
CMT : Can you tell me about NAMM Show + and how that will complement the main show ?
Lamond : We learned a lot from Believe in Music and I think that ’ s one of the outcomes of the pandemic is how important virtual is going to be to these gatherings . What we learned in Believe in Music is that we picked up 50 countries that had never been to The NAMM Show before , which was very enlightening for us . So , they have an interest and a desire to be a part of it in some way . NAMM Show + is , I think , going to accomplish two key things : One is for those who could never come to The NAMM Show because of logistics and these countries are so far away , or there ’ s not the staff capacity to send someone while keeping the store open . NAMM Show + is going to allow greater participation for those who could never come . That ’ s a really key thing ; broadening the reach of all exhibitors , broadening the reach