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John Kyriakoulias Marks 15 Years with BRTB Canada & Playing with Fire
John Kyriakoulias is celebrating his 15 th anniversary with BRTB Canada , where he is the IT / QC / technical sales account manager . A fun-loving , multifaceted person , Kyriakoulias complements his work in AV with BRTB with additional side jobs / passions as a DJ and pyrotechnician .
Kyriakoulias joined BRTB Canada in 2007 and since then , has become one of the company ’ s most trusted employees with his hands in areas like product research and development , quality control , technology maintenance , technical support , customer service , strategic marketing , promotional tools , supplier liaising , accounts receivables , P . O . P . terminal sales , and pricing integrity .
“ BRTB is part of the entertainment industry and the cables and connectors we produce are the substructure or foundation of what makes everything in entertainment work . The manufacturing provides a sense of belonging as I serve within the family-owned business ,” Kyriakoulias tells CMT . “ My love of music and all forms of entertainment dovetail with the accomplishments I have experienced through the years at BRTB . It ’ s gratifying to support the relationships within the entertainment industry such as audio / visual suppliers , music companies , store owners , and their direct clients .”
In a fun coincidence , this year also marks the 15 th anniversary since Kyriakoulias obtained his pyrotechnics licence , which he jokes is a “ licence to thrill !”
“ Working as part of the pyro team allows me to create ‘ magic ’ using pyrotechnics and my talent for syncing different effects in complex layouts alongside musical orchestration , live presentations , or videos — this is similar to the skills of a DJ controlling a crowd ,” he says . “ What I enjoy most is that fireworks inspire a sense of community and belonging .”
One of his long-running jobs and passions is DJing , which he ’ s been doing for decades as DJ Love .
“ Since I was 13 years young , I was also drawn to music and its effects on the body . In my late teens , I expressed this passion as a regular dancer on the Electric Circus television show . At that time , I discovered the allure of using music to express physical sensation , and this knowledge still informs my DJ skills and finesse
John Kyriakoulias
to this day ,” he says . “ Although DJing is my personal creative outlet , I stay humble and grounded because I am aware of the many contributions of the artists , musicians , and colleagues that make spinning desirable and effective .”
RIP Peter Lafferty of Roland Canada
Peter Lafferty
Canadian Music Trade is very saddened to learn of the passing of Peter Lafferty , who was an integral part of Roland Canada for two decades . Peter was a loving father and husband in addition to a musician , songwriter , and composer . He passed away on Tuesday , Feb . 22 , 2022 , following a lengthy battle with cancer .
Peter began with Roland Canada as a recording products specialist in 2000 and went on to be the Boss and amplification product manager , and then Boss , V-Guitar , and amplification product and sales manager . In 2017 he was named Boss and guitar product sales manager .
“ This morning we ( myself and family ) sit with Peter as he takes his final breaths here on Earth while resting comfortably in his home ,” Peter ’ s wife , Sarah , shared on social media on Feb . 22 nd . “ Thank you to all of you for your support , prayers and welcome advice .”
Canadian Music Trade sends our deepest condolences to Peter ’ s family , colleagues , and many friends .