Canadian Music Trade - April-May 2022 - Page 15

AES Executive Director Colleen Harper Steps Down Colleen Harper has stepped down as the executive director for the Audio Engineering Society ( AES ), in order to accept a new job as executive director of the Illuminating Engineering Society .
Harper led the AES headquarters staff for the past three years , working handin-hand with the organization ’ s volunteer leadership , members , and industry partners to shepherd the AES through a period of radical transition due to the repercussions of the global pandemic . During her tenure , the AES says it consistently advanced its global role , maintaining its essential contributions to the professional audio industry through the promotion of the creative practice of the audio arts , scientific and technological innovation , education , and standards development .
“ The AES has been privileged to have Colleen ’ s experience and unique skill set to rely upon during trying times ,” says Josh Reiss , AES president . “ Not only is the AES in the best financial position it ’ s been in for years , despite a global pandemic , but Colleen has also helped usher in forward-looking operational plans , procedures , and practices that will further solidify the Society ’ s role as the world ’ s leading professional audio technological organization .”
Bill Foster , a veteran of AES leadership who served as interim executive director during the search that led to the hiring of Harper , has agreed to serve in the role again while the AES seeks a new permanent leader .
For more information , contact the AES : 212-661-8528 , www . aes . org .
The Music People Announces Retirement of Co-Chairs The Music People – the manufacturer of the On- Stage brand of musical-instrument accessories and distributor of pro audio , video , and lighting brands through TMP-Pro — have announced the retirement of Co-Chairwoman Sharon Hennessey , Co-Chairman John Hennessey , and Controller John Gutowski . The outgoing executives served over 100 combined years leading the company . Quebec-based Jam Industries ( now Exertis Jam ) acquired The Music People in 2020 .
“ We were so proud to acquire The Music People — simply an excellent industry-leading
company with an exceptional team . We were equally proud to have the Hennesseys join our
organization and now wish them all — Jim , Sharon , John and John Gutowski — a well-deserved
retirement . We hope to continue to develop on the Hennessey legacy for many years to come ,“
says Stuart Frenkel , president and CEO of Exertis Jam .
Sharon Hennessey and John Hennessey joined their family ’ s business , The Music People , in
1989 and 1991 , respectively . Sharon ’ s career was primarily focused on sales and growing the On-
Stage brand while John ’ s focus was making TMP-Pro a leading pro audio distributor in the U . S .
Although they led the organization for many years previously , in 2016 they were formally named
co-presidents .
A retirement reception was held March 30 , 2022 , to honor their many accomplishments .
Due to Covid-19 restrictions which prevented a celebratory gathering after his retirement in
2020 , Founder Jim Hennessey was also honored at the event .
“ It seems strange and yet fitting that my sister and I retire with my father , Jim , from the
company he started 43 years ago . I have had but one job in my life that lasted 31 years and
resulted in my whole career ,” says John Hennessey . “ I started by stamping ‘ battery not included ’
and essentially did or directed every job since . We persevered , resolved , adapted , created , collaborated
, supported and stepped aside in awe of the team that is now The Music People . What
started as a rejected idea became a family business through years of hard work and wonderful
relationships with employees , customers and suppliers .”
For more information , contact The Music People : 800-289-8889 , www . musicpeopleinc . com .



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