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FREE Press 2 We’ll stop him 4 again! No 210  Spring 2017£1 Journal of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom SKY TAKEOVER: 300,000 SIGNERS SAY … DONALD TRUMP AND ALT-REALITY Can the mainstream media stand up to him? NO ADS, NO CLICKBAIT, JUST JOURNALISM County gets real local news online They had no idea how many and how deeply people RUPERT MURDOCH’S 21st Century Fox is making a resented the abuse of power by the Murdoch media, second bid to takeover Sky TV, and once again a popular and now there’s a much wider range of people for movement is bidding to stop him. whom the prospect of their power extending even Six years ago Murdoch’s attempt to buy up the further is intolerable. 61 per cent of Sky he doesn’t already own crashed in They contend that Murdoch, with his record of flames as the phone-hacking scandal exploded around bullying, influence-peddling and corruption, is not a his London newspapers. “fit and proper person” to have complete control of the But it was already facing mounting opposition, network. The regulator Ofcom has a power to conduct particularly from a new style of popular campaigning, the “fit and proper” test to media firms, but it is not a the online activism of Avaaz and 38 Degrees, which required part of the takeover procedure. circulated a petition that reached 150,000 signatures. Former chairman In 2017 both of the BBC Sir Michael are working with a Lyons challenged her coalition of media reformers, which Turn to page 3 to “do anything in her power to resist the include the CPBF. This further growth in the time 38 Degrees has Murdochs’ grip on news already handed in a , , How they pressure government and media”. petition to culture Shadow culture secretary Karen Bradley , , How you can join the campaign secretary Tom Watson, with more than who played a key role 300,000 names. Special 4-page pullout in exposing crimi- “Giving even more nality within Murdoch control over our media newspapers, said the prime minister needed to come to one man is a serious threat to our democracy,” clean on what she discussed with Murdoch when they said Maggie Chao, campaigner at 38 Degrees. “Rupert met last September. Murdoch is not fit and proper to take even more control The former Labour leader Ed Miliband asked: “Do we over the news we read and watch.” want Rupert Murdoch controlling even more of media Industry experts have been persuaded by Murdoch’s landscape? No.” And to Theresa May: “You said you managers that the takeover will pass comfortably would stand up to the powerful. No better test than through the regulatory process … but so they were Murdoch bid for Sky. Over to you.” in 2010-11. TOUCH AND GO FOR SKY BID WHAT TAKEOVER WOULD DO 9 DISTORTIONS AND LIES … Rail workers brave media as well as bosses For all campaign news and info go to Email: