California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 15

“ Good, Better, Best, never rest until your Good be Better and your Better is your Best. ” Fremont PD’s most recent recruitment poster everyone. You need to realize that you are not God, that you are not king – that being police chief is a business of compromise.” “These are tough decisions,” Steckler said. Just as tough as it will be, someday, for Steckler to step away from law enforcement. Along the way, Steckler has found time to co-author two college textbooks: “Fundamental of Police Administration” (1994) and “Written and Interpersonal Communication: Methods for Law Enforcement” (2000). If and when he does, he has a wife, Casey, and four grown children to spend more time with – along with 10 grandchildren. Following his one-year stint as first vice president of the IACP, Steckler expects to be elected president of the organization at its gathering in San Diego in September 2012 – capping a storied career. And there’s also his wife’s popular antique store, The Iron Dog, in Fremont – as well as his beloved golf game. Somehow, in between all his various duties, Steckler’s chipped away to become a 13-handicap golfer. As a respected statesman in California law enforcement, Steckler said he will continue to preach the need for police agencies to embrace technology and social networking – but only when such technology is used as a two-way tool for departments to better serve, and connect with, their respective communities. When asked how he wants to be remembered when his career comes to an end, Steckler said that he often uses a quote from “Mother Goose” to describe the Fremont Police Department: “We shouldn’t be behind the curve on this,” Steckler said. “Good, Better, Best, never rest until your Good be Better and your Better is your Best.” • As for continued economic challenges, he said police agencies need to get creative with their services and take a hard look at which ones are vital. Fall 2011 | 15