California Police Chief- Fall 2013 | Page 20

Double Duty The Raney brothers are the only set of twin police chiefs in the U.S. You might think that twin brothers Kevin and Kim Raney, both police chiefs in their respective departments, grew up playing cops and robbers, and dreamed about becoming the town sheriff. Not exactly. They have escalated to the top in their field, but neither Kim nor Kevin considered a career in law enforcement until high school, when they were mentored in a class taught by 20 | Behind The Badge members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department at Lakewood High in Long Beach. “Being a police chief was not something we set out to be when we were brothers growing up,” said Kevin Raney, Garden Grove’s Police Chief. “We both made the decision at about the same time that we did want to pursue a career in law enforcement, independent of each other … we got in at about the same time, but we really went our separate ways in our careers.”