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“Specializing in providing advice and representation to public entities and California’s law enforcement agencies.” Like father, like son Chiefs rise to top job in their fathers’ departments A Trusted Legal Team… Experts in Public Sector and Law Enforcement Issues – Over 30 years of experience Sausalito Police Chiefs Ed Kreins (1969) and son, Joseph Kreins; Benecia Police Chiefs Pierre Bidou and son, Andrew Bidou When Joseph Kreins arrived at the Sausalito Police Department every day during his tenure as police chief from July 2001 to December 2004, he’d glance at the wall and say two words: “Hello, Dad.” The smiling face of his father, Edward, is among the former police chiefs whose portraits hang in the station’s lobby. The Kreins made history as the state’s first father-andson team of police chiefs of the same city. Recently, a second father-son duo achieved the same distinction when Andrew Bidou became police chief of Benicia in January 2011. Bidou’s father, Pierre, served as police chief of Benicia for 16 years before leaving the department in 1992 to go into city politics and to pursue other ventures. The four men say being police chiefs of the same cities is a source of pride. They also say that because law enforcement has changed so much over the last few decades, their jobs have little in common beyond the title. “This is not my father’s world,” says Joe Kreins, 55, now interim police chief of Vallejo. And, perhaps even more surprisingly, both sons say their fathers didn’t push them into policing. “If you would have told me a few years ago that I’d be police chief of Benicia, I would have laughed,” says Andrew Bidou. “This wasn’t part of the plan.” Pierre Bidou joined the Benicia PD as a patrol officer in 1964 and worked his way up to chief of police in 1976. At that time, Andrew, the youngest of six children, was just 7 years old. While his father was establishing a career that 34 | Behind The Badge BTB-Magazine-Fall2012.indd 34-35 included investigating two deaths that eventually were identified as the first of seven confirmed victims of the Zodiac Killer, who struck in 1968 and 1969, Andrew was enjoying sports and going to school. He wasn’t focused on following in his father’s footsteps. “What Andrew did, he did on his own,” says Pierre Bidou, who lives in Benicia and meets his son every week for dinner. “He’s a dedicated professional, a caring young man, and he’s very smart. I’m very proud of him, and am very proud of what he’s done.” Edward S. Kreins also served as police chief of Pleasant Hill and Beverly Hills, where he later served as city manager. Ed, who now lives in Nipomo, retired in 1990 but has remained active in law enforcementconsulting roles for cities and school districts. Joe Kreins says he planned to go into marketing. But when he was 23, and working at a bowling alley, he visited Sausalito PD to say hello to friends he met through his father --- and was encouraged to fill out an application. And thus launched a 32-year career that included 16 years with the Concord PD before he became police chief of Sausalito in 2001. It was a homecoming for Kreins, who was a police officer in Sausalito from 1980 to 1985. Contact us today! Representing over 75 California Cities and Public Agencies, including: 3777 N Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92835 Law Offices of John Lovell “Our Effectiveness is Unparalleled” Both Joe Kreins and his father served roughly threeyear terms as top cops of the same law enforcement agency. “I thought it was fantastic,” Ed Kreins says. “I was very proud of him, and told him not to criticize my old policies too much.” Joe Kreins sometimes consults his father. “He’s always been a great mentor and someone there to listen to and to bounce ideas off of,” he said. • (714) 446-1400 Jones & Mayer Attorneys at Law Serving California’s Police Chiefs since 1992 1127 11th St Suite 523 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 447-3820 Email: Fall 2012 | 35 11/8/12 11:31:26 PM