California Police Chief- Fall 2013 - Page 15

The San Jose and Long Beach Connection Both agencies produce large number of police chiefs The Silicon Valley is known for its high-tech companies, the Champagne region of France is known for its premier bubbly, and the cities of Long Beach and San Jose are known for producing… police chiefs? Yes — and many are of recent vintage. Both cite their former departments’ high standards for education and advancement, the ability of officers to engage in a variety of police work, and the exposure of officers to diverse communities, among other reasons. There currently are 10 active chiefs who can thank the San Jose PD for helping them earn their stars, while six active police chiefs hail from the Long Beach PD (three from that agency recently retired: Tim Jackman, Santa Monica, Dec. 2011; Anthony Batts, Oakland, Oct. 2011; and Keith Kilmer, San Bernardino, Mar. 2011). “The Long Beach (PD) embodied the philosophy, ‘The police are the people, and the people are the police,’” said Renaud, 42, who spent 20 years with agency — the last five years as a commander — before taking the top spot at the Folsom PD. Is there something special in the coffee at these law enforcement agencies? Cynthia Renaud, a Long Beach PD veteran who became police chief of Folsom in May 2011, and Eric Sills, who spent nearly 28 years with the San Jose PD before becoming top cop of Soledad in February 2010, say there are many reasons their respective agencies have churned out several chiefs. “I was able to develop a skill set and the expertise to handle all crimes, and also to understand how to become part of the community I served, and to work closely with the community,” Renaud said. In addition to Renaud, current police chiefs with backgrounds at the Long Beach PD are: * Frank McCoy, Oceanside * Gary Morrison, Carlsbad * Jay Johnson, Newport Beach * Jorge Cisneros, Huntington Park * Jeffrey Craig, Victoria, Texas Police chiefs who previously worked for the San Jose PD pose during a recent get-together. Bottom row (left to right):  Junior Gomez, Redwood City;  Ruben Chavez, Livingston;  Tuck Younis, Los Altos (in suit);  Scott Seaman, Los Gatos; Eric Sills, Soledad and Greenfield; Top row:  Walt Tibbett, Fairfield (previously Alameda);  Diane Urban, Hayward;  Manny Martinez, Daly City Renaud said the breadth of experience she got in Long Beach helped make the transition to chief of police go smoothly. Among her assignments in Long Beach were patrol, field training officer, vice detective, sergeant in charge of the vice detail, and internal affairs. “The department has very positive professional peer pressure to be the very best you can be,” Renaud said. “While I am so proud of the Folsom Police Department, I am equally proud of the Long Beach Police Department family that raised me.” Sills recently assumed police chief duties of neighboring Greenfield in addition to running the Soledad PD, which has 17 sworn officers (Greenfield has 14). In the much-larger San Jose PD, whose 1,000 or so sworn officers patrol a city of nearly 1 million, Sills rose to the rank of captain in charge of the ????????)????????????????????????????????????M??????)A?+?q]????????????????????????M???)???A???????)???????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????t????)M?????????????????????e????????????????????)??????????????????????????qM??????????)???????????????????????????????????????)???????t((?1?????I?????M???????A?????? ????????M????????????????????????M???)???A?? ?????I?????????????????????????????5?????????????????)??????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ?((??()?() ??????Q??? ????() Q?5???????????????????????()?????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????()???M???)???A??M?????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????M???????????????????)?????????????????????????M???)???A??(??M????M???????1?????? ??????????????) ??? ????? ?????????????(??Q???e?????1?????(???????U?????!????(??I???? ????1???????(??5????)H?????I?????? ???(??5?????5?????????? ???(??]???Q?????????????(??A??????????M???)???M???U???????(??-???Q???????]???Y??????5?????? ???????)M????????????+?qe??e???????????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????????????t)M??????????????M???)???A?)M??????????????????????M???)???A?????????)??????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????????)???????????????Q?????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????)I?????????????e?????????????1???? ?????A)?????e?????????????????????????????????????)?????A??????????????????????????P????????)??????????????????????????????1???? ?????+?q]??????????????????????t????????????)???????q????$?????????????????????????????t???()????????()?((??((??????????????A4((0