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californiaffa We are having a blast at the CATA Conference! Thank you to the ag teachers who are the rocket boosters to our growth and learning! TEACH Fall 2016 Volume 5 • Number 1 The CA FFA News is published quarterly by California Association, FFA. California Association, FFA Post Office Box 460 Galt, California 95632 (209) 744-1600 Editor and Graphic Design: Jennifer Luiz Patton Twisted Twig Design & Print We want to hear from you... We are always looking for great stories about members and alumni around our state. Know of a story that we should feature in CA FFA News? Please email Submission deadlines: Fall................. June 1st Winter............ September 1st Spring............ December 1st Summer.......... March 1st Stay in touch... “California FFA” Tell us about an ag teacher who boosted you to success? avacado100 Ms. Tulloch boosted me by encouraging me to seize every opportunity, believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and helping me to constantly continue to grow. She has definitely given me another person to look up to and I will never be able to thank her! I have had so many accomplishments because of her and so many losses turned into wins because of her! Thank you, MT! jesus_the_lone_nut Mr. Lopez, who I have had the privilege of having for three years going on four, he has been my motivation and inspiration in my FFA career. He has helped me not in just the classroom but also given me some of the best advice that I follow everyday. I never thought I was capable of doing things that I thought were impossible, but through his guidance I have flourished. He has inspired me in a way no other teachers have and like I said has helped me in FFA. Because of him I am the Riverside Section VP and plan on going for state office he is the reason I have a “DASH” thank you Mr. Lopez for helping me and listening to my constant “am I even good enough.” @uniqueagteacher _.madison_mccartyy._ Stroud, she was my first Ag teacher my sophomore year. She made me feel so welcomed in her classroom. I was a shy sophomore not wanting to get involved in anything. I just had one ag class. I never wanted to speak in front of the class, or in front of anyone in general. Junior year was my year I became involved, all thanks to her. I had two ag classes, I joined her CTE floral team, started a SAE project with a lamb and now I am the 2016-2017 Red Bluff Reporter. She pushes me to the greatest extent. She’s there when I need a little guidance. She’s the one that believes in me when I don’t believe in myself. I never thought I would be speaking confidently, and serving on the officer team. I’ve had so many great memories spent with her that I can add to my “DASH”. She’s the best. Thanks, Stroud. Ag teachers rock. @redbluff_ffa ranchocordova_ffa_chapter My Ag Teacher, Mr. Harnden from Cordova High School, always pushes me to do my best, no matter the circumstance. He also pushed me to become an officer this upcoming school year so we can grow as a team. kellenhabib Mr. Wenstrand, Mrs. Tweedy and Mr. G from Caruthers FFA provided me with the opportunity to grow in my time with them. They motivated me to succeed and instilled the concept of service leadership in me. Without their tireless work, I would not have been successful in my life to this day. I could never thank them enough. • Upcoming Events Sep • 1.2 GLC - Modesto 7.8.9 GLC - Bakersfield GLC - Colusa 13.14 GLC - Menifee 15 GLC - Lakeside 15.16 GLC - Fresno 16 GLC - Imperial GLC - Tulare 28 GLC - Petaluma OCT • 4.5 GLC - Redding GLC - Lodi GLC - Paso Robles 17&18 National Delegate Trip 19-22 National FFA Convention & Expo 22-25 Washington DC Tour Nov • 5 State Cotton Judging Contest For a list of current FFA events please visit California FFANEWS • Page 2 • Fall 2016