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California FFA has a leadership conference
Greenhand Leadership Conference ( GLC )
What : Who : When :
Introduction to Agricultural Education , Career Success Freshmen One Day Conferences held in August , September , and October
Introduces students to the benefits and opportunities in Agricultural Education , including SAE and FFA . This conference is the “ hook-line-and-sinker ” to get students to buy into Agricultural Education throughout their four years in high school .
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Made for Excellence Conference ( MFE )
What : ME : Student Development , Personal Growth Who : Sophomores When : Two Day Conferences held in January and February
Personal development starts with the individual . Self-discovery of talents , strengths , interests and personal character are emphasized as the individual is channeled to discover their passion in life . This conference focuses on “ Student Development and ME : one ’ s personal skills and development of the ability to be successful .”
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@ ally _ highfill hollister _ ffa LEADERSHIP , EXCELLENCE , and CRAZY CAR RIDES - OH MY ! These 8 students expanded their leadership skills and opportunities within the FFA . The past 24 hours have taught these students how to exert positive influences in the Hollister FFA . # ffaMFE # ffaALA
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Advanced Leadership Academy ( ALA )
What : WE : Chapter Development , Personal Growth Who : Juniors When : Two Day Conferences held in January and February
Once a leader is comfortable with their own self and self-purpose , they can discover how to work with others and establish a goal . The process for analyzing program needs and planning a project or event is the focus of this conference as students discover how to be teams of innovative leaders in their chapter . This conference about “ WE : the individual leader , their relationships with others and how to establish common vision .”
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gustineffa 20 proud Gustine FFA members attended the Made for Excellence and Advanced Leadership Academy conferences this past weekend in Modesto . There , they learned different strategies and methods used in order to ensure they make the best out of their FFA experience . Congrats everyone ! 💙💙 # ffaMFE # ffaALA # GustineFFA
Sacramento Leadership Experience ( SLE )
What : SERVE : Community Development , Personal Growth Who : Seniors When : Four Day Conference held in March
Students step into the role of one of California ’ s State legislators , are assigned a specific California district and spend four days in Sacramento . SLE is all about the role of government , agricultural policy and advocacy . This conference focuses on Community Development and SERVE : the ability to grow and develop others and serve your community .”
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falfal _ 98 What an amazing week it has been at SLE , from debating bills to lobbying agriculture education to our local district representatives . It was truly unforgettable . # ffaSLE
z _ davis1313 Last week I had the time of my life at SLE !! Thank you to the counselors at the conference for teaching me the importance of our government and how I can make a difference advocating for agriculture and FFA . # ffaSLE # ffa # californiaffa # foreverblue
jerkuh This past week , I had the opportunity to take on the position of our state legislature . Not only was I able to debate serious issues regarding agriculture on the floors of our state Capitol , I was also able to meet various political figures , as well as some extremely influential members of the agriculture industry . I am so incredibly thankful for this experience ... # ffaSLE
California FFA has a leadership conference Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC) What: Introduction to Agricultural Education, Career Success Who: Freshmen When: One Day Conferences held in August, September, and October @californiaffa @ijackaitken @yaay_meee_ @joshua5234 @taycfoster #ffaGLC Introduces students to the benefits a ܝ[]Y\[YܚX[\[YX][ۋ[Y[QH[K\ۙ\[H\B'[[KX[ \[\'H]Y[^H[YܚX[\[YX][ۈY]Z\\YX\[Y XYH܈^[[Hۙ\[H QJB]HQNY[][Y[ \ۘ[ܛΈH[ܙ\•[H^Hۙ\[\[[[X\H[XX\B\\ٙHPQTT VSSK[ԐVBTQT HVHH\HY[^[YZ\XY\\[[ܝ[]Y\][HKB\ \]H]Y\HY[^\]]H[Y[\[H\\KٙSQHٙPSB]\[ۙ\[WY[ٙSQB\ۘ[][Y[\]H[]YX[ [Y\ݙ\Hو[[[[\\[\ۘ[\X\\B[\\^Y\H[]YX[\[[Y\ݙ\Z\\[ۈ[YK\ۙ\[H\\ۈ8'Y[][Y[[QNۙx&\\ۘ[[[][Y[وHX[]HHX\ٝ[ 'BY[YXY\\XY[^H SJB]HN\\][Y[ \ۘ[ܛΈH[[ܜ•[H^Hۙ\[\[[[X\H[XX\B\[YH Y\[HHY[X\][YBXYH܈^[[H[Y[YXY\\XY[^Bۙ\[\\\YZ[[[\ˈ\K^BX\YY\[]YY\[Y]\Y[ܙ\™[\H^HXZHH\]وZ\H^\Y[Kۙܘ]]\[ۙHH<'|'HٙSQHٙPSH\[QBZXۂ[[[ی‚ٙPSBۘHHXY\\YܝXH]Z\ۈ[[[\\K^H[\ݙ\ܚ]\[\X\H[ H\܈[[^[ܘ[HYY[[[HڙX܈][\H\و\ۙ\[H\Y[™\ݙ\HX[\و[ݘ]]HXY\[Z\\\\ۙ\[HX]8'NH[]YX[XY\Z\[][ۜ\]\[\X\[[ۈ\[ۋ'BXܘ[Y[XY\\^\Y[H JB]HTN[][]H][Y[ \ۘ[ܛΈH[[ܜ•[H\^Hۙ\[H[[X\ٙ\BY[\[HHوۙHو[YܛXx&\]HY\]ܜ\H\YۙYHXYX[YܛXH\X[[\^\[Xܘ[Y[ˈH\[X]HHوݙ\Y[ YܚX[\[XH[YXK\ۙ\[H\\ۂ[][]H][Y[[TNHX[]Hܛ[][\[\H[\[][]K'B[[N][[X^[YZ]\Y[]KBX][[ؘZ[˜YܚX[\HYX][ۈ\[\X\\[]]\ˈ]\[H[ܙ]XKٙTB]\LL\YZHYH[YHو^BYH]HHH[[HH[[ܜ]Bۙ\[H܈XX[YHH[\ܝ[Bو\ݙ\Y[[H[XZHBY\[HY][܈YܚX[\H[KٙTHٙH[YܛXYHٛܙ]\YB\Z\\YZHYHܝ[]HZHۈH][ۂو\]HY\]\KۛH\HXHX]H\[\\Y\œY\[YܚX[\HۈHܜو\]H\] H\[˜XHYY]\[\]X[Y\\\[\YH^[Y[B[Y[X[Y[X\وHYܚX[\H[\KH[H[ܙYXB[ٝ[܈\^\Y[KٙTB