California FFA News Fall 2016 | Page 14

Your Chapter Let Us Know Your Chapter’s Scoop! Here’s how... McFarland FFA Ag Bash Submitted by Gabriel Parra Ag Bash is a fun event where chapters in the neighboring cities of Bakersfield get together to compete in agriculturally related games. This year we were fortunate to host it at our campus in McFarland. We had four main contests during this event. The first was the FFA Ag knowledge test where FFA members took a test to determine how much they know about agriculture. The second was an obstacle course where members raced to finish a course including a hay bale toss, corn eating, and milking components. The third contest was the welding contest where members welded a pressure box. The fourth contest was Egg Roulette where the advisors would choose from a bowl of eggs and break them on their heads hoping it wasn’t raw but hard boiled. The chapters with the most points ended up to be Shafter FFA and Delano FFA and then they battled for the champion title in a tractor pulling contest. Delano took the Ag Bash Champion title home this year and we had a great time hosting. It is definitely one of our favorite events. 1) Submit a 100-150 word article about your chapter’s recent activity. a. Please do not include members or advisors names within the article. b. The article should be about an interesting/unique type of FFA activity. This is an opportunity to showcase new and innovative chapter activities. 2) Attach a GREAT quality digital photo. a. Photos should be in color and help further explain the submitted article. b. Photos must include members with appropriate clothing & behavior. c. Photos must be sent as individual jpeg files. 3) Email the above information to news@ The subject of the email must include your chapter’s name. In the email, please include the author of the chapter scoop and title of the article. 4) Please reference page two for CA FFA News Submission Deadlines Hughson FFA Camp Sylvester Submitted by Michelle Borges At the end of May our chapter had an experience of a lifetime. We attended a chapter officer leadership conference at Camp Sylvester. At the conference, chapter officers from the Tri-Rivers Section and Stanislaus-Tuolumne Section met with other chapter officers and shared chapter event ideas. Seventeen chapters attended, including 160 students, all under the supervision of over twenty advisors. The Hughson FFA officer team learned the duties of our positions, competed in multiple team building activities, and learned many ways to better our FFA Chapter. A key moment of the camp occurred during the team building activities. We learned how to work as a team, the importance of communication, the ability to help out others, and how to step up as a leader. We can’t wait to take all of the new ideas, team building activities, and leadership qualities and implement them into our chapter! • California FFANEWS • Page 14 • Fall 2016