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Amanda I hope to pursue a career as an International Agricultural Marketer traveling the world while spreading the message of global agriculture .
Samuel After my year of service I plan on attending Fresno State University to pursue a degree in Agriculture Education .
Conner To become an Agriculture Teacher and have my own sheep and hog operations .
Jace My career goal includes attaining my Master ’ s Degree in international agriculture business and eventually working for a company that allows me to travel the world advocating for American agriculture and joining forces with international agriculture .
Share your most memorable FFA experience .
Andrew My ag mechanics team had just had a hard loss at a field day and my teammates piled their hats in the center console of our suburban . It was an unspoken moment of reconciliation , and knowing that everything is going to be okay because of the people that surrounded me .
Lauren Attending the Washington Leadership Conference in Washington , D . C . is one of many highlights ! I learned about the ultimate sacrifice that American men and women have made , and continue to make , for our freedom .
Amanda Tons of experiences flood my mind when it comes to the FFA , but my favorite would have to be when my FFA chapter taped their name tags from a field day to my back ( without me noticing ) and as I went up to receive my award the entire auditorium busted out laughing . It made for an entertaining and quite embarrassing day .
Samuel My most memorable FFA experience would be going to Sacramento
State FFA Treasurer Samuel Looper
Birthday : July 24 , 1998
Home Chapter : Apple Valley FFA
Parents : Lisa & Donald Looper
Siblings : Tawny Peckham , Courtney Looper , and Shelby Looper
SAEs : Market Steers CDEs : Job Interview
Leadership Experience . Having the opportunity to debate on the California Senate floor , working inside the committee rooms and having the opportunity to learn more about the government process . It was an unforgettable experience .
Conner Being a national delegate , because I met so many great individuals even some that I ’ m serving with this year .
Jace My most memorable experience in the FFA would be the very first time I put on my FFA jacket to show my market hogs at the California State Fair .
What is your favorite app and why ?
Andrew BBC News - I love learning about everything in the world as soon as it happens and BBC has a generally accurate , unbiased account of the globe in a concise manner .
Lauren Pinterest - I just can ’ t avoid the inspirational quotes and DIY crafts that never turn out exactly like the pictures ...
Amanda I ’ m not one to use a bunch of apps , I actually don ’ t even have Snapchat , but my favorite app would have to be Pandora because I love listening to music and belting out the lyrics when I ’ m alone .
Samuel I really have two , Instagram and Snapchat . Instagram because of the great captions and amazing pictures you can find . Snapchat because of the funny filters and the funny stories from people .
Conner Snapchat , because I look forward to using the new filters daily .
Jace According to my phone , my favorite app is Snapchat , but I disagree because I enjoy clicking on my picture ’ s app and reminiscing on all of the memories I ’ ve made in my life so far . •
State FFA Reporter Conner Vernon
Birthday : June 5 , 1998
Home Chapter : Nipomo FFA
Parents : Rosemary Cummings and Scott Vernon
Siblings : Kyler Vernon and Carli Rose Cummings
SAEs : Sheep and Swine Production CDEs : Livestock Judging
Favorite emoji
State FFA Sentinel Jace Neugebauer
Birthday : September 5 , 1997
Home Chapter : McArthur - Fall River FFA
Parents : Theresa & Rick Neugebauer
Siblings : Jessica DeCoito and Jonathan Neugebauer
SAEs : Market Hogs and Cattle Breeding Program
CDEs : Creed , Impromptu , Job Interview , and Parliamentary Procedure
California FFANEWS • Page 5 • Fall 2016
{ Continued from page 4 } Samuel After my year of service I plan on attending Fresno State University to pursue a degree in Agriculture Education. Conner To become an Agriculture Teacher and have my own sheep and hog operations. Jace My career goal includes attaining my Master’s Degree in international agriculture business [�]�[�X[H�ܚ�[���܈H��\[�B�][���YH��]�[H�ܛY���][�™�܈[Y\�X�[�YܚX�[\�H[���[�[���ܘ�\�][�\��][ۘ[YܚX�[\�K���\�H[�\�[��Y[[ܘX�H��B�^\�Y[��K��[��]�^HY�YX�[�X��X[HY��\�YH\����]H�Y[^H[�^B�X[[X]\�[YZ\�]�[�H�[�\��ۜ��B�و�\��X�\��[��]�\�[�[����[�[�Y[��و�X�ۘ�[X][ۋ[�ۛ��[��]]�\�][�š\���[����p���^H�X�]\�HوH[�H]��\���[�YYK��]\�[��][�[�B��\�[��ۂ�XY\��\�ۙ�\�[��H[��\�[��ۋ �˂�\�ۙHوX[�HY�Y��HHX\��YX��]�H[[X]H�XܚY�X�H][Y\�X�[�Y[�[����Y[�]�HXYK[��۝[�YH�XZ�K�܂��\���YY�K��[X[�Hۜ�و^\�Y[��\����^B�Z[��[�]��Y\��H��K�]^H�]�ܚ]B���[]�H��H�[�^H��H�\\�\Y�Z\��[YHY�����HH�Y[^H�^H�X�Š�]�]YH��X�[��p�[�\�H�[�\œ�X�Z]�H^H]�\�H[�\�H]Y]ܚ][H�\�Y��]]Y�[�ˈ]XYH�܈[�[�\�Z[�[��[��]Z]H[X�\��\��[��^K���[]Y[^H[��Y[[ܘX�H��B�^\�Y[��H��[�H��[����Xܘ[Y[�‚��]H��H�X\�\�\����[]Y[��\���\�^N�BB��[H �  NNN��YH�\\���\H�[^H��B�\�[�Έ\�H ��ۘ[��\���X�[��Έ]۞B�X��[K��\��^H��\�[���[�H��\���XY\��\^\�Y[��K�]�[��H�ܝ[�]B��X�]HۈH�[Y�ܛ�XH�[�]H��܋��ܚ�[��[��YHH��[Z]YH���\�[��]�[��H�ܝ[�]H�X\��[ܙHX��]B��ݙ\��Y[����\�ˈ]�\�[�[��ܙ�]X�B�^\�Y[��K���ۛ�\��Z[��H�][ۘ[[Y�]K��X�]\�HHY]��X[�HܙX][�]�YX[�]�[����YH]x�&[H�\��[���]\�YX\����X�H^H[��Y[[ܘX�H^\�Y[��H[��H��H��[�HH�\�H�\��[YHH]ۂ�^H��H�X��]����^p�X\��]���]B��[Y�ܛ�XH�]H�Z\����]\�[�\��]�ܚ]H\[��O[��]�����]�� HHݙHX\��[��X��]�]�\�][��[�H�ܛ\���ۈ\�]\[�˜[����\�H�[�\�[HX��\�]K[��X\�Y�X���[�وH�ؙH[�H�ۘ�\�HX[��\���]\�[�[�\�\� HH�\��[��&]]��YB�[��\�][ۘ[][�\�[�VHܘY��]�]�\��\���]^X�HZ�HHX�\�\ˋ���[X[�Hx�&[H��ۙH�\�HH�[��ق�\�HX�X[H۸�&]]�[�]�Hۘ\�] �]�^H�]�ܚ]H\��[]�H��H[�ܘB��X�]\�HHݙH\�[�[���]\�X�[��[[�›�]H\�X���[�x�&[H[ۙK���[]Y[H�X[H]�H��[��Yܘ[H[��ۘ\�] �[��Yܘ[H�X�]\�HوHܙX]��\[ۜ�[�[X^�[��X�\�\�[�H�[��[� ��ۘ\�]�X�]\�HوH�[��H�[\��[�B��[��H�ܚY\����H[�K���ۛ�\�ۘ\�] �X�]\�HH����ܝ�\���\�[��H�]��[\��Z[K���X�HX��ܙ[���^HۙK^H�]�ܚ]B�\\�ۘ\�] �]H\�YܙYH�X�]\�B�H[���H�X��[��ۈ^HX�\�x�&\�\[���[Z[�\��[��ۈ[وHY[[ܚY\�x�&]�HXYB�[�^HY�H���\��8�(����]�ܚ]H[[ښB��[X[�HH�H�\��YHH�\�Y\�\�[��[�\��][ۘ[YܚX�[\�[X\��]\��]�[[�H�ܛ�[H��XY[��HY\��Y�Hق��ؘ[0�YܚX�[\�K����]H��H�[�[�[���X�H�]Y�X�]Y\���]H��H�\ܝ\����ۛ�\��\��ۂ��\�^N�BB��[�H K NNN��YH�\\����\�[���B�\�[�΂����[X\�B��[[Z[���[������\��ۂ��X�[��Έ�[\��\��ۈ[��\�B����H�[[Z[��‚��Q\ΈX\��]�Y\�‚��Q\Έ�Y\[���[�H��X�[ۂ���\Έ�؈[�\��Y]‚��\Έ]�\�����Y�[�‚��[Y�ܛ�XH��S�U��8�(�Y�H H8�(��[ � M����\�^N�BB��\[X�\� K�NNM’�YH�\\���X�\�\� H�[��]�\���B�\�[�΂�\�\�H ��X�“�]Y�X�]Y\���X�[��Έ�\��X�HP��]�[���ۘ][��]Y�X�]Y\���Q\ΈX\��]���[��]B���YY[����ܘ[B��\ΈܙYY [\��\K�؂�[�\��Y]�[�\�X[Y[�\�H���Y\�B��